H15 bulb guide

H15 automotive lamps are also a great solution for individuals who want to avoid legal problems. They are in Group 1 meaning you can use them without offending the government or any other institution. Check if H15 lamps are compatible with your car’s wiring system.

However, since H15 also uses halogen technology, you may get the best result if you do certain important things. Be prepared to replace it after about 1,000 hours. And you can upgrade the lamps at any time if you are using them on the exterior of your car to LED. This way, you’ll be assured of a longer-lasting brighter bulb. Upgrading can also help you to give the interior of your vehicle a cooler and more modern look.

The H15 is single beam bulbs. If you go for these ones, you can be sure each of the two filaments will power both the main and dipped beam of your vehicles and make your life easier. You have just a single headlight bulb.

The H15 has been approved in the US and Europe, and they use PGJ23t-a base. They require 12 volts to produce 55 or 15 watts and consume 12 volts. Depending on the blub type, these lamps may generate 60 or 20 watts and require 24 volts.

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