H12 bulb guide

The H12 is Group 1 lamp. What does that mean to you? These are the bulbs on which the UN does not impose any general restrictions. The H12, for that matter, is always road legal. While they are popular headlight bulb fittings, you should expect to find them in all parts of a vehicle. You can use these halogen bulbs to replace any of your worn-out automotive lamps.

As many other Group 1 auto bulbs, you can utilize the H12 in projector or reflector headlights. However, before you upgrade it, it may be best to use it as a reflector headlight.

The halogen lamps have a lifespan of between 450 and 1,000 hours, but it can be less if poorly managed. Sometimes, you can upgrade H12 lamps to prevent the problems that you may encounter due to the limited duration of service.

The H12 is dual beam bulbs, as they have only one filament. However, they have several unique attributes. These bulbs use PZ20d base. Their energy consumption rate is 53 watt per 12 volts. So these 9055 lamps are high performing auto lighting solutions. You can upgrade the lamps to make them the perfect tool for converting fog lights and increase visibility. You can use the super white HID class upgrade for the brightest and whitest output.

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