H11B bulb guide

H11B bulbs fall under Group 1. International regulation 37 governs the usage of all the bulbs that you know are in this category. The good news is that you can use Group 1 lamps for absolutely anything. In simple terms, there are no general regulations on their usage. However, you will find that the lamps’ most common areas application includes the front headlight and fog lights.

Sylvania H11B

Bosch H11B

H11B are highly reliable. They use 12 volts to produce 55 watts. These dual beam lamps are also resourceful since they make use of PGJY19-2 base. But they have a relatively short life span. If you go for the halogen options, you can expect to use your bulbs for between 500 to 1,000 hours.

For the best results, upgrade your H11B every 2 years. This way, you will be assured of maximum visibility without flare against oncoming vehicles. You must always change them in pair to guarantee even vision.

Furthermore, while the bulbs are always road legal, use them only for the functions that best serves your need. As you can see, most drivers find the bulbs’ most appropriate areas of application to be front headlight, high beam, low beam, and fog lights. Remember, you can increase the lifespan of your bulbs and the efficiency by upgrading them to LED, HID, and others.

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