H11 bulb guide


H11, as the name suggests, belongs to Group 1, which shows that you can use them as your headlight bulb fittings. What’s more, you can use the H11 lamps to solve any of your other lighting needs. Today, they are a common replacement part.

If any of your fog light or parking light need a replacement and you have the H11, do not look any further. Use it and no law enforcement officer will question you.

H11 lamps are dual beam bulbs. They have only one filament. And you can use them either as a projector or reflector headlights. But most savvy drivers think that they are best used as reflectors. By using them properly, you increase the chances of increasing the lifespan to two years. Most halogen lamps have a relatively short service duration, and the H11 is not exempted.

These bulbs use PGJ19-2 base and have a nominal power of 55 watts at 12 volts and 70 watts at 24 volts. Evidently, they have the ability to meet most of your automotive lighting needs. But if you are like most experts, you know that halogen technology has a few defects. In particular, H11 bulbs have short lifespans and they sometimes produce inadequate light. The good news is that you can upgrade your H11 bulbs to LED and HID light at any time to get a better service.