H10 bulb guide

As you can see, most auto bulbs that start with ‘H’ belong to Group 1. UN international regulation provides that you can use any of these lamps for anything. But they are your typically common headlight bulb fittings. The H10 perfectly fits into this exclusive group. You can legitimately use them to replace your ruined headlights, fog lights, parking lights, number plate lights, interior lights, and much more if they fit in your vehicle’s socket.

Moreover, if you choose, you can upgrade your halogen lamps to LED or HID Xenon to improve their lifespan. In most cases, the lamps provide quality service for between 450 and 1,000 hours. Some factors such as the weather, driving conditions, and quality of the material used always have an impact on the lifespan of these bulbs so you may need to take some care to get the service for the recommended duration.

These are dual beam lamps given that they rely on a single filament. Moreover, they use PY20d base and have a relatively favorable nominal power of 42 watts at 12 volts, which makes them efficient projector headlights. For the best experience, ensure your filament is correctly positioned and complies with the right recommendations. If you do not want to use the filament lamps, upgrade them to LED and HID Xenon lamps. This way, you will be assured of brighter and whiter light than what you get from the old halogen technology.

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