H1 Light Bulb Guide


 Best H1 halogen headlight bulbs comparison

ProductVoltageWattageColor temperature 
Philips H1 X-treme Vision
Editor's choice
12 volts55 watts3400 K Check Price
HELLA H1 High Wattage Bulb12 volts100 watts3500 K Check Price
Voltage Automotive Polarize White Replacement12 volts55 wats3000 K Check Price

UN regulation 37 classifies these lamps into Group 1, which means you can actually use them for anything.

Dimensions of the filament for h1 lamp

h1 filament lamp

These halogen lamps are dual beam bulbs. The single filament performs for high and low beams. Since H1 bulb belongs to Group 1, you can use them as your projector and reflector headlights.

The average lifespan of H1 bulb is between 450 and 1,000 hours, but other factors such as the weather and the efficiency of the driver may affect how you calculate your bulb’s lifespan. They use a P14.5s base in accordance with the IEC 60061, which ensures you can only install your H1 in the correct orientation.

H1 Bulb Power and Output Specs

The nominal rating of the lamp is 55 watts at 12 volts, and its test rating is not more than 68W and approximately 1550 lumens at 13.2 volts.

H1 lamp specs
H1 lamp specs

You can install any W55W bulb with ease due to the efficacy of P14.5s base. But if you need a higher light intensity (closer to the natural rays of the sun) than the traditional bulbs, you can upgrade your halogen bulbs to LED OR Xenon HID.

H1 bulb screen projection requirements

H1 lamp screen projection requirements
H1 lamp screen projection requirements


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