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GMC Terrain Headlight Assembly Replacement Guide

A powerful engine, sleek appearance, and ample space are the main qualities you can expect to find in GMC Terrain. A good quality headlight assembly is also a must to complement these specs. 

Even though the car was introduced in 2010, there can be many reasons for a headlight upgrade. For example, the headlights are faulty, the lens is blurry, the housing is broken, or you want an upgrade from the halogens to Xenon bulbs or LEDs.

Replacing the headlight bulbs and assemblies can cost a good amount of money if you hire a professional. But you can reduce the cost if you perform the replacement yourself. The GMC Terrain headlight assembly upgrade guide will equip you with all the necessary tools and knowledge to replace the headlight housing of your GMC Terrain in 20 minutes.

Headlight History of GMC Terrain

The GMC Terrain was introduced in the market in 2010. The base trims of the 2010-2017 model are all equipped with halogen reflector headlight assemblies. It got an update in 2018, and the headlights in all trims were upgraded to  HIDs. From 2019 upwards, there are also options for LED beams.

GMC Terrain Headlight Assembly Upgrade

Gather the basic tools and follow this guide to replace the headlight assemblies of the 2010-2015 GMC Terrain.

Required Tools for GMC Terrain Headlight Assembly Kit Upgrade

  •  A new headlight assembly kit
  • 7mm, 10mm socket and ratchet
  • T20 Torx Bit
  • Flat blade screwdriver

The Step by Step Process of 2014 GMC Terrain Headlight Assembly Replacement

If you want to replace the headlight bulbs, the process is very easy. Under the fender well, you will see an apartment covered by a plastic cover held in place by a T20 Torx screw. Remove the screw and turn the cover anti-clockwise to open the space. You can access the headlight circuit through this opening and change the faulty bulb quickly.

  • Removing the complete headlight assembly is a little complex. Open the hood and remove the pin pop connectors atop the headlight to remove the plastic cover and T20 Torx screws at the top of the grill.
  • At the wheel well there are 2 more plastic clips and 2 T20 Torx bolts. Remove all of them.
  • Pull the bumper a bit out because one of the 4 bolts (7mm and 10mm) under the bumper holds the headlight socket in place. Remove all four of these bolts.
  • Once you remove these bolts, you can pull up and back to unmount the headlight. Disconnect the harnesses.
  • Remove the T20 bolts holding the bracket under the old headlight assembly. Connect this bracket to the new headlight assembly because it will be necessary to adjust the new assembly in the stock position.
  • After transferring the bracket, reconnect the harness to the new assembly and mount it back in place.
  • Place all bolts, clips, and everything else back in place.
  • Some headlight assemblies come with bulbs, but some only have dummy lamps. Replace the dummy bulbs with bulbs removed from the old assembly.

The whole process will take from 20-30 minutes and it will cost you somewhere between $200-$300.

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