GMC Sierra Headlight Bulb Size

The 2018 GMC Sierra just marked its last year for the 3rd generation model. We await new and exciting upgrades in its 4th generation. Keep a lookout for the latest GMC Sierra Lamp Replacement guide as it will feature some of the best LED and HID lighting upgrades.

The GMC Sierra is much like the Silverado. Its lighting system features a 4-piece design that includes a turn signal, high beam, fog light, and low beam. The current LED bulbs produce more light than the ones in the previous models. These, however, can be upgraded with an LED day liner strip, halo ring add-ons or a HID conversion kit.

The older GMC Sierra produced between 2007 and 2015 came with the cheapest headlight setups that were of low quality. Low beams used H11LL bulbs, fog lights used 5202 bulbs while high beams used 9005LL. The high and low beams produce 1200 lumens on average.
Most owners won’t get the ultimate brightness or luminosity that they may need.

Fortunately, there are multiple LED H11 and HID kits that can be installed in place of the stock bulbs. These are more capable and durable.

Some the aftermarket lighting kits available today produce over 2500 lumens and have LED headlights that can run for more than 50,000 hours. They not only provide enough light but also give your GMC Sierra a sophisticated and stylish look. Available options include HID, LED, and CCFL conversions; 4-piece and 2-piece headlight clusters; chrome and black-out headlights; and LED Dayliners.

GMS Sierra Headlight Bulb Size Chart

GMC Sierra Fourth generation (2013-)

ApplicationBulb SizeBulb Size
Back Up LightStandard Model: 921Long Life Model: 912LED
Brake LightStandard Model: 7444
Center High Mount Stop LightStandard Model: 921Long Life Model: 912LED
Daytime Running LightStandard Model: 9012
Fog Front LightStandard Model: 5202
Headlight High LowStandard Model: 9012
License Plate LightStandard Model: 2825Long Life Model: 194LED
Parking LightStandard Model: 7443Long Life Model:  7443LED
Side Marker Rear LightStandard Model: 194Long Life Model: 194LED
Tail LightStandard Model: 7444
Trunk Cargo LightStandard Model: 921Long Life Model: 912LED
Turn Signal Front LightStandard Model: 7443Long Life Model:  7443LED
Turn Signal Rear LightStandard Model: 7444
Vanity Mirror LightStandard Model: 6612F

GMS Sierra Third generation (2007-2013)

ApplicationBulb SizeBulb Size
Back Up LightStandard Model: 3047Long Life Model:  3047LED
Brake LightStandard Model: 3047RLong Life Model:  3047RLED
Center High Mount Stop LightStandard Model: 921Long Life Model: 912LED
Center High Mount Stop LightStandard Model: 921B
Daytime Running LightStandard Model: H11
Dome LightStandard Model: 212-2
Fog Front LightStandard Model: 5202
Headlight HighStandard Model: 9005
Headlight LowStandard Model: H11
License Plate LightStandard Model: 168Long Life Model: 194LED
Map LightStandard Model: 212-2
Parking LightStandard Model: 4157NALong Life Model:  4157ALED
Side Marker Front LightStandard Model: 194Long Life Model: 194LED
Tail LightStandard Model: 3047RLong Life Model:  3047RLED
Trunk Cargo LightStandard Model: 912Long Life Model: 912LED
Turn Signal Front LightStandard Model: 4157NALong Life Model:  4157ALED
Turn Signal Rear LightStandard Model: 3047Long Life Model:  3047LED
Vanity Mirror LightStandard Model: 6612F

GMS Sierra Second generation (1998-2007)

ApplicationBulb SizeBulb Size
Back Up LightStandard Model: 3047K
Brake LightStandard Model: 3047K
Fog LightStandard Model: 5202
Front Side Marker LightStandard Model: 2825
Front Turn Signal LightStandard Model: 4157NAK
High Beam HeadlightStandard Model: 9005LL
High Mount Brake LightStandard Model: 921Long Life Model: 912LED
License Plate LightStandard Model: 192
Low Beam HeadlightStandard Model: H1155Long Life Model: H1155LL
Parking LightStandard Model: 4157NAK
Rear Turn Signal LightStandard Model: 3047K
Tail LightStandard Model: 3047K
Trunk LightStandard Model: 912Long Life Model: 912LED

GMC Sierra First generation (1987-1998)

ApplicationBulb SizeBulb Size
Ash Tray LightStandard Model: 194Long Life Model: 194LL
Back Up LightStandard Model: 3156Long Life Model: 3156K
Brake LightStandard Model: 3057Long Life Model: 3057LL
Fog LightStandard Model: 01007
Front Side Marker LightStandard Model: 194Long Life Model: 194LL
Front Turn Signal LightStandard Model: 2357NA
Glove Compartment LightStandard Model: 194Long Life Model: 194LL
High Beam HeadlightStandard Model: 9005Long Life Model:  9005SWTX
High Mount Brake LightStandard Model: 921Long Life Model: 912LED
License Plate LightStandard Model: 194Long Life Model: 194LL
Low Beam HeadlightStandard Model: 9006Long Life Model:  9006SWTX
Map LightStandard Model: 168
Map LightStandard Model: 211-2
Parking LightStandard Model: 2357NA
Rear Side Marker LightStandard Model: 194Long Life Model: 194LL
Rear Turn Signal LightStandard Model: 3057Long Life Model: 3057LL
Step LightStandard Model: 168
Step LightStandard Model: 211-2
Step LightStandard Model: 561
Tail LightStandard Model: 3057Long Life Model: 3057LL
Trunk LightStandard Model: 912Long Life Model: 912LED
Under Hood LightStandard Model: 93

Having the right bulb size will save you a lot of time when upgrading from your stock incandescent/halogen lamps to LED light bulbs. The GMC Sierra bulb size guide covers models built between 1999 and 2017. This information is for reference only and owners should consult their Sierra manuals for the right bulb size.

Aftermarket Light Bulbs: Upgrade Options

The GMC light bulb size guide is made to be used by anyone from professional GMC mobile electronics installers to amateur GMC enthusiasts. It makes it easy and less tedious to find the correct automotive light bulb sizes. However, it’s advisable always to confirm these details.

Some of the best replacement options for your bulbs include LEDs or HIDs. LED lamp operates at low temperatures and can last for more than 50,000 hours of usage. They give some of the brightest light today. HIDs are similar to standard halogen bulbs but without the heating filament. They use gas and also operate at low temperature. They don’t last as long as LEDs but are more durable and brighter than halogen bulbs.

LEDs are more affordable than HIDs and are easier to fix. For your GMC, you may need multiple power relays and ballast to install an HID conversion kit. More expensive Ultra-bright LED adaptive lights are also available and illuminate turns and corners as you drive.
When choosing your headlight bulbs, remember that higher Kelvin means more blue light while more light output means whiter light. None of these two metrics increase brightness.

Installation & Diagrams

  • Switch off your headlights, set the car to parking brake and open the hood.
  • Remove the headlight assembly pin and pull the assembly out.
  • Unplug the electrical connector and remove the bulb.
  • Install the new bulb into the socket and replace the electrical connector.
  • Push the headlight assembly back into position and turn on your engine. Test if the new lamp works. Replace the retaining pin and shut the hood.

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