GE Nighthawk Platinum Review

A Review of GE Nighthawk’s Platinum Halogen Light bulb

Headlights are one of the most essential things for a vehicle and the best headlights can prevent accidents on normal roads and highways when driving at night. If you are in the market for proper headlights, we can recommend the GE Nighthawk’s Platinum Halogen Light bulb. With these headlights, you are assured of getting up to 90 percent more light on the road when compared to the standard halogen bulbs. This is one of the brightest automotive halogen headlights that improve your visibility t night.

Its innovative design coupled with a blue skirted coating and platinum-colored tip enhances whiteness ensuring a better contrast and providing a high-end premium look. You will be guaranteed farther and clearer visibility in both high beam and low beam modes. This is because the blue light tends to be widely scattered while driving in harsh weather or heavy rain when compared to other headlight bulbs with the characteristic blue tint. Furthermore, the blue tint also helps to reduce distraction allowing motorists to focus on the road ahead.

If you want to drive with confidence and boost your night driving experience install GE Nighthawk Platinum headlights. The GE Nighthawk headlights are a perfect replacement for your burnt out stock headlights. They are roughly the same price as the stock bulbs and they will not change the look of your vehicle.

Features of the GE Nighthawk headlights

  • Focus 90% more light on the road when compared to standard halogen headlights
  • Clean, blue-white light allows for enhanced visibility and superior contrast in the dark
  • Uses a special filament design and coating system
  • The average Kelvin temperature color is 3560k
  • Standard wattage is 65 watts
  • 12 volts
  • Bulb Dimensions: 6.7″ L x 4.8″ W x 4.4″ H
  • DOT (Department of Transportation) compliant for street legal lighting
  • Features a Silver top that provides an attractive appearance
  • Rated Life Hours of 125 hours
  • Faint blue tint to headlight that adds a touch of style to your vehicle
  • Available in a variety of sizes for many different models of vehicles
  • Available in a package consisting of 2 bulbs  

Advantages of the GE NIGHTHAWK PLATINUM headlights

  • They offer up to 90% more light when compared to customary halogen bulbs allowing the motorist to see what is ahead. In addition, other road users can clearly see a vehicle that has these bulbs installed.
  • Emits a high-intensity beam
  • The soothing white light that is produced by these bulbs ensures a better night-time driving experience for motorists.
  • Easy to install and does not require any technical knowledge. Most consumers attest to the simple installation process of these bulbs a great advantage as it takes a maximum of five minutes to install them.
  • The bulb comes in a range of sizes so vehicle owners do not have to worry whether they will fit their vehicles because there is a size for all cars.

Note: The GE Nighthawk Platinum Headlight bulbs should be replaced in pairs to guarantee uniform life and light performance. It is best to avoid using different brands of headlights on your vehicle if you want optimum lighting and enhanced night-time driving experience.

Possible Demerits of the GE Nighthawk Platinum Headlight bulbs

  • These bulbs are quite expensive
  • They have a shorter lifespan than other OEMs
  • They exhibit the same brightness as most stock OEM headlights. Even though they may be slightly brighter, but there is no noticeable change when using them.
  • They are not as bright as the upgraded Xenon bulbs and the GE Nighthawk Sport bulbs.
  • Their brightness is not anywhere close to an HID kit.

Competitors of the GE Nighthawk Platinum Headlight bulbs

The major competitors of the GE Nighthawk Platinum Headlight bulbs include:

  • Sylvania XtraVision Halogen Headlight Bulb
  • H1 Osram Night Breaker Halogen Bulbs
  • Philips X-treme Power Bulb
  • GE Nighthawk Sport Halogen Headlight Bulbs
  • GE Nighthawk Xenon’s Halogen Headlight Bulbs

Installation Instructions for the GE Nighthawk Headlight

Installing the GE Nighthawk Headlight Bulbs is quite simple and will take you about five minutes. You do not need any expert knowledge or having your headlights replaced by a mechanic. This is because no kind of rewiring is needed under your hood. Keep in mind that your vehicle type will largely determine a suitable installation process. Before installing these bulbs, it is best to check your owner’s manual to see the recommended installation method.

  • You should start by twisting the bulb assembly out of the headlight housing.
  • Release the fastener and then place your halogen bulb and replace your bulb assembly.
  • You should then lock the bulb into position by slightly turning it in the clockwise direction.
  • After the bulb is secured in position, you can now plug the headlight wiring of your vehicle into the base of your headlight bulb.
  • Use the same steps to install the headlight on the other side of your hood. When done, you can now turn on your newly installed GE Nighthawk Halogen Bulbs


Driving at night time,  during heavy rains, or harsh weather can be dangerous and the high-performance GE Nighthawk Platinum Headlight bulbs give motorists the best chance of seeing what is in front of them. With brighter and more light on the road, you will enjoy peace of mind and get to your destination with ease. These headlights will focus up to 90% more light on the road when compared to standard halogen headlights as they utilize a special coating system and filament design. They also have a silver coating that gives them an appealing look, particularly in clear lens reflector headlamps.

The GE Nighthawk headlight bulbs are very easy to install and they offer high-quality white light. These bulbs are a great purchase for motorists who are looking for a pair of halogen bulbs that offer excellent performance and ensure that night-time driving is enjoyable and effortless.  When it comes to headlights, you need to use the best because your safety comes first before the amount of cash spent.

If you are looking for the perfect GE upgrade kit, then you should go for the GE Nighthawk Platinum headlights. They are your perfect choice for a more comfortable and safer driving experience. However, if you want the best headlights irrespective of the brand, then you should check out other options available in the market.

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