Ford Taurus Headlight Assembly Replacement Guide

When you buy a new vehicle, it can take a few years before you are able to notice that its headlights are actually fading. Therefore, it is advised not to undermine the value of the vehicle just by using inadequate headlights. Ford Taurus has won the hearts of millions of people because of its durability and classic appearance, and therefore, you want to make sure that its headlight assembly produces the light that you want.

In order to have the Ford Taurus headlight assembly upgrade, it is always recommended that you go for high-quality replacements so that you can get rid of any hassles. The majority of people think that Ford Taurus produces its own headlight assembly, which is not true. Therefore, you have to work with a dealer cooperating with Ford in order to get the OEM factory headlight assembly.

What kind of headlights are used in the Ford Taurus?

In order to use the headlight replacement kit, it is essential to know the size of the headlight assembly of your Ford Taurus. Whether you want to replace it with the Xenon or the LED headlight, or you have detected an issue in the headlight lamp, you should know the specs of your headlights.

From 1999 to 2006, Ford Taurus used 9007 bulbs for the high and the low beam headlights. The 2008 and 2009 models used 9005 bulbs for the high beam and H1 for the low beam. These days, it uses the halogen headlights 9012 for the high beam and D3S HID headlights for the low beam.

2010 Ford Taurus headlight assembly changing procedure

  • You can begin by opening the head of the 2010 Ford Taurus and removing its 8mm bolt.
  • There are two metal clips holding the headlight assembly and coming out by the hand.
  • After removing the clips, you can pull out the entire Ford Taurus 2010 headlight assembly, which should come quickly enough.
  • Here you will find an electrical connector that needs to be unplugged, and you can do your desired replacements.
  • The bulbs can also be serviced by turning the socket counterclockwise, and after completing the entire process, you can replace the headlight assembly.

How to adjust the headlights of the 2010 Ford Taurus?

  • Your 2010 Ford Taurus needs to be parked in front of the wall on a level surface around 25 meters away.
  • From the center of the ground, you need to measure the height of the headlight lamp, while an 8-foot horizontal reference line should be placed on the vertical wall.
  • A 3-millimeter circle marks the center of the lamp, while the low beam headlights should be turned on so that the wall can be illuminated. 
  • You can then locate the vertical adjuster on each headlight, and in the end, you can close the hood and then turn off the lights.


Ford Taurus is a very popular car brand in America thanks to its exceptional build quality and advanced yet timeless design. If you want the Ford Taurus headlight assembly upgrade, you can go for the impressive aftermarket headlights that not only offer a great look to your Ford Taurus but will also make your driving enjoyable and safe. 

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