Ford Fusion Headlight Assembly Replacement Guide

Your car headlights are important for your safety on the road. They are the reason you can drive your vehicle at night and clearly see the road and others. This seems straightforward, but very few people take this seriously. 

Statistics say there is 60% less traffic at night time, but 40% of the total accident occurs in the dark. To protect yourself, you should always check your low beam, high beam, and housing often.

This Ford Fusion Headlight Assembly upgrade guide will teach you to easily replace and upgrade the headlight lamps and the assembly at home. Sometimes even if your headlight bulb or the assembly isn’t broken, you might still have to replace them because, with time, the bulbs grow dim, and the assembly gets yellowish and cloudy.  Under these conditions, you should replace the headlight assembly as quickly as possible,

This guide is really simple and easy to follow. Even a novice can replace the headlight assembly after following this Ford Fusion headlight assembly replacement guide.

Aftermarket Headlight Assembly: Upgrade Options

With the swift advancements in the automobile industry, we have a range of headlight bulbs which we can choose for our vehicle.

 There are multiple choices if you want to upgrade your headlight bulbs to more durable, productive, and high-quality bulbs such as Lumen, Evo Lighting, Sylvania, and many more.

These aftermarket bulbs are way better than the stock bulbs that come with the car. Equipping them to your vehicle will increase the grace of your vehicle while also adding to the safety factor.

Moreover, going for LED bulbs and xenon bulbs is a better choice than the conventional halogen bulbs.

Step by Step Guide for Fusion Headlight Assembly Replacement:

Replacing the headlight bulb and the assembly by yourself is very simple and easy. With some basic knowledge and the right equipment, you can efficiently perform this upgrade.

Required Tools for Headlight Assembly Replacement:

  • Phillips screwdriver
  • A new headlight assembly
  • Rachet
  • Trim pad remover
  • Extension
  • 7 and 11mm sockets

The Process of 2007 Ford Fusion Headlight Assembly Replacement:

  • Turn the vehicle off and let it cool down before approaching.
  • Lift the car’s front side and start removing the ten 7mm bolts underneath the car.
  • After that, move to the fender well and remove the three plastic pop-up clips on both sides.
  • Now pop the hood up and check the area above the grill. You will find 2 11mm bolts at the edges and 2 pop clips at the center. Remove the bolts and clips. With this now, you can remove the bumper but make sure to remove the fog lamp harness before pulling the bumper.
  • After reaching the headlight remove all the 11mm bolts at the sides and top of the bracket holding the headlight.
  • Gently tug the headlight and unplug the headlight harnesses and turn the signal socket.
  • Plug the headlight harnesses into the new headlight assembly and place them the in-stock position.

Go ahead and place everything back together. Your job is done!

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