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Ford Explorer Headlight Assembly Replacement Guide

Having complete visibility on the road is not only a nice thing to have, but it’s a legal requirement. It would help if you kept the headlight housing clear so that you could have the best possible visibility. If the headlight is damaged or broken, then you can go for a Ford Explorer headlight assembly upgrade.

Your Ford Explorer headlight assembly protects your lights so that they can last longer. The light output happens to decrease when the housing gets foggy, and when it gets cracked, then moisture gets inside it and can shorten the lifespan of the bulbs. You can get over this problem by replacing the headlight assembly to make sure that you get what you want.

What kind of headlights are used in Ford Explorer?

You will find low beam bulbs 9006 and high beam 9005 in your Ford Explorer. There are halogen capsule headlamps that use 9005L+ in the 2011 to 2017 models of Ford Explorer, whereas the HID headlamps happen to use the D3S bulb size. From 2018 onwards, the Explorer headlights use LED lights. You need to keep in mind that if you want a headlight kit replacement for your Ford Explorer, there are established firms that offer a good variety of headlight bulb types as well as different sizes according to the model.

How to replace the 2013 Ford Explorer headlight assembly?

Ford Explorer has maintained the top spot as one of the favorite SUVs on the road since the 1990s. It is crucial for you to check the headlight assembly of your 2013 Ford explorer to make sure that it is working correctly. You need to follow the following instructions to replace the headlight assembly of your Ford Explorer.

  • Start by engaging the parking and turning off the vehicle. Open the hood of your 2013 Ford Explorer by locating its interior release handle that is present under the instrument panel.
  • There are two retaining pins at the back of the headlight assembly that you have to remove.
  • Take out the headlight assembly away from the vehicle and disconnect the electrical connector.
  • Remove any burnt-out bulbs, and then align the grooves in the bulb assembly and push it straight. In the end, test whether your headlight assembly is working in a proper way or not.

What is included in the Ford Explorer headlight assembly?

The headlight bulb is the central part of the Ford Explorer’s headlight assembly and is, therefore, a source of light that gets emitted from the unit. Your new Ford Explorer headlight assembly will include both the low and high-beam headlight bulbs.

Mostly you will find the turn signal bulbs with the headlight assembly, but there are chances that these may not be included in the assembly in a number of cases. This means that you will require to remove the old lamp signal bulb and then install it in the new lamp. 

Final Words

Ford is a reliable and robust vehicle that you can use in every season. It is essential for you to take care and make sure that you don’t get stuck in the woods without a reliable headlight. When having a Ford Explorer headlight assembly upgrade, you can be sure of increased visibility all the time and have the best experience when driving into your next big adventure.

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