Ford Expedition Headlight Assembly Replacement Guide

Ford Expedition is one of the top American vehicles capable of covering a lot of miles at a time. It is fast, comfortable, and spacious for the entire family, and this is the reason why you need to have an excellent headlight assembly and great lighting as a whole for your Ford Expedition.

Although the newer Ford Expedition models come with HID headlights, which are best and can perfectly illuminate the road, therefore, you can have a Ford Expedition headlight assembly upgrade by improving halogen headlights. The power, range, and looks can easily be enhanced with the new bulbs or going with the new headlight assembly.

What is the best way to find the correct headlight assembly for Ford Expedition?

Finding the proper headlight assembly for Ford Expedition is not as straightforward as it seems because every generation uses different headlights and bulbs. Therefore, it is recommended to go for the owner’s manual or consult the Ford dealer before planning for a Ford Expedition headlight assembly upgrade.

To get the most of your headlights, choosing the highest quality halogen bulbs that can be bought from reputable manufacturers is a good idea. You can still replace the halogen bulbs if your Expedition doesn’t come with the HID headlights, but for this, you will need a conversion kit. These days, LED bulbs are also an alternative, but there are several manufacturers that you can choose from. Compared to halogen and HID, these bulbs are much brighter and show a lot of improvement in light.

How to replace the 2015 Ford Expedition headlight assembly?

  • Turn off the engine of your 2015 Ford Expedition and then switch the off button.
  • Unbolt the retaining fasteners by raising the hood, as these are located at the top of the headlight assembly.
  • A vertical bolt needs to be loosened at the back of the headlight assembly.
  • For headlight kit replacement, you can now pull out the headlight assembly until you can access its rear.
  • In the end, you can insert the socket and bulb in the new headlight assembly and then push it back to its position.

How to adjust the headlights of the 2015 Ford Expedition?

The process of adjusting the headlights of the 2015 Ford Expedition is straightforward. You need to place the vehicle on a surface in front of a white wall at a distance of around four to five meters. In the next step, you have to verify the tire pressure cautiously.

Make sure that the knob for adjusting the height for the light is set on 0, and it is better to do this with a half tank. Now you can adjust the size of the low and high beams, but you need to have a fixed mark on the wall. Try to adjust by turning right and left unless the headlights are correctly adjusted.

Final Words

If you have a versatile SUV like the Ford Expedition, you would want the best visibility to have a good driving experience. If you have a fuzzy and foggy headlight assembly, it can limit the light output of your SUV. Therefore, you can regain maximum sight with the Ford Expedition headlight assembly upgrade as it also protects and covers the driving lights, the high beams, and turn signals.

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