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Ford Excursion Headlight Assembly Replacement Guide

Ford Excursion is a heavy-duty SUV that can take you anywhere you need. If you want information about this beast, you are in for a delight. Our primary focus is to teach you how to do the DIY headlight replacement on your Ford Excursion.

When should you replace the headlights? Whenever you find out that headlights are not working, you should return them immediately because you do not want to be in danger. Another reason to change them is to save yourself from getting a ticket.

This Ford Excursion headlight assembly replacement guide will teach you everything about headlight assembly replacement so without further ado, let’s dive right into it.

A Brief History of Ford Excursion:

Introduced by Ford in the market in 1999, Americans and Canadians loved this truck. Ford Excursion is the longest and heaviest SUV to be mass-produced.

The company stopped producing this vehicle in 2005 and replaced it with a long-wheelbase version of the expedition.

The Ford Excursion truck came with halogen headlights, but nowadays, you can return them with aftermarket lights that are more bright and beautiful. But retrofitting the HIDs and LED headlight assemblies is not easy, and you will require assistance from professionals. Using an LED or HID in the OEM halogen assembly might be possible with a converter, but it’s better to change the whole housing when you want to try another technology.

Which is Better Halogens or HIDs or LEDs:

All the technologies have their plus points and negative points. Let’s have a look.

Halogens are the conventional lights used by most vehicles as factory equipment. They are very cheap, easy to find and simple to replace. But they are not bright and have a low life expectancy.

HIDs are very bright to the extent that they are blinding. Using HIDs can illuminate the road to far away distances, but if not used properly, it can blind other drivers on the road due to glare. So it’s used chiefly on dark rural roads where others won’t be affected. It has a higher life expectancy than halogens and is quite expensive.

LEDs are the latest and most popular technology of our times. It’s bright but not blinding and offers a modern look to your vehicle as well. LEDs have the highest life span, so you will benefit over time even if the buying cost is expensive.  

Required Tools for the Headlight Assembly Replacement:

  • New Headlight
  • 7/32’’ Socket and Ratchet

Instructions For 05 Ford Excursion Headlight Assembly Replacement Guide:

  • Stand before the headlight assembly you want to replace and remove the four 7/32’’ screws (two on top and two at the bottom) which keep that headlight in place.
  • Reach your hand behind the light, push the tab on the harness and disconnect it.
  • Now pull the assembly out and tilt it a little to disconnect the other harnesses connected to it.
  • Place the new headlight assembly in the original’s position and connect the cables.
  • Close all the screws carefully.
  • The whole process will take you about 15 minutes.
  • The average cost for headlight assembly replacement will be between $200-$700.

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