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Ford Escape Headlight Assembly Replacement Guide

Headlights are essential for the safety and visibility of every vehicle, as they help the operator see at night and in dangerous weather conditions. Ford Escape is one of the most stylish and reliable compact crossover SUVs that you will find in the market. It was introduced in 2000 and came with a capable engine delivering a smooth, secure, and fast performance.

The Ford Escape is a great vehicle, but like any other car on the road, it will need some occasional maintenance and repairs. One common repair that many drivers have to face is replacing the headlight assembly. If you are looking for a guide on how to replace your Ford Escape’s headlight assembly, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

For the Ford Escape headlight assembly upgrade, you will find a wide range of options, which offer you superior visibility and safety when you drive. These headlight replacement kits are offered by the most reliable manufacturers who follow the best quality standards, and these options range from headlight assembly, offroad lights, fog lights, and tail lights.

While it is important to keep your Ford Escape headlights in good condition, you may find that at some point you need to replace the entire assembly. This guide will help walk you through the process of replacing your Ford Escape headlight assembly.

Different kinds of headlights used in Ford Escape

There is no doubt that headlights are able to improve your Ford Escape’s visual appeal. A hexagonal grille comes with this compacted SUV that carries slanted headlights. There is a disadvantage that this setup can expose the headlights to some damage during a collision, and then you may go for a new headlight kit replacement to give a makeover to your Ford Escape.

Most of the headlights used in Ford Escape are projector-type headlights, and they come as halogen or LED. Halogen headlights use a tungsten filament that is heated up to produce light, while LED headlights use light-emitting diodes. The main difference between these two types of headlights is that halogen bulbs tend to be brighter but shorter-lived, while LED bulbs are not as bright but can last for a longer time.

Ford Escape uses H11 headlights for the low beam and 9005 for the high beam, but when you plan to upgrade the halogen headlights or the incandescent lamps to the LED lighting bulbs, then you certainly need proper guidance to replace them. 

The best way to check the bulb size is to use the owner’s manual so make sure to double-check before purchasing. You can also use an automotive bulb size guide to determine the correct replacement LED bulbs. For the best lighting, consider upgrading both low and high beams to LED bulbs.

Precautions that need to be taken before replacing your Ford Escape headlight assembly

Replacing a Ford Escape headlight assembly can take more time than you might expect, so it is recommended that you follow the steps carefully. Make sure to set aside some time when planning to replace your headlights because there are added precautions while working on this process.

Before removing the stock headlamp, make sure to disconnect the negative terminal on the car’s battery. Once that has been completed then you will have to remove the bolts that hold each headlight in place and release them from their supported brackets. They are held by bolts, clamps, or rivets depending on whether they are bolted on or snap into place with plastic retainers of metal clips.

When replacing the headlight assembly, it is important to install the new one in the same way as the old one was removed. This will ensure that the headlights are properly aligned and that they meet your state’s regulations. You may also need to adjust the car’s headlight beams so they are correctly aimed.

Replacing headlight assembly of 2013 Ford Escape

It is not difficult to replace the headlight assembly of the 2013 Ford Escape, as you can confidently do that in your driveway.

Tools you will need:

  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Socket wrench set
  • Pliers

Parts you will need:

  • New Ford Escape headlight assembly kit
  • Replacement bulbs (halogen or LED)
  • Electrical tape
  • Wrench or pliers (for adjusting headlight beams)


  • Start by pulling the hood latch release lever that lies under that dash. After releasing the latch, you can prop the hood open.
  • Locate the headlight assembly that you would like to replace. You will find the high beam bulbs closer to the middle, while the low beam ones will be closer to the outer edges.
  • The rubber cap that covers the headlight bulb needs to be removed and then rotated counterclockwise so that you can remove it from the housing.
  • In the next step, you need to disconnect the electrical connector, and then the new bulb can be inserted into the headlight housing.
  • Turn on the lights and make sure that the new bulbs are working, and when you are done, you can replace the rubber cap on the back of your headlight assembly. The process of headlight replacement kit assembly is done!

How to adjust Ford the 2013 Ford Escape headlight assembly?

In order to adjust the headlight assembly of your 2013 Ford Escape, you need to turn on the dipped beam and then make a cross-shaped mark. By opening the hood, you need to locate the horizontal and vertical control of the headlights. It will always be good to hide the projector with the cloth.

With the help of the screws, you can make the horizontal correction, while the most intense part of the team must be a slight right of the vertical line. Position the beam’s upper end at the level of the horizontal marking when making a vertical correction. In the end, check the headlight setting to be logical when you are finished.

It is important to make sure that your car’s headlights are properly aligned so they meet your state’s regulations. If they are not, you may need to adjust them. This can be done with a wrench or pliers.


In order to have the right Ford Escape headlight replacement kit or upgrade, you have the option of changing the broken bulbs or installing new Xenon or LED headlight kits. When you can find the correct headlight assembly for the Ford Escape, it will save you a lot of time since the installation process is very straightforward.

Replacing the headlight assembly of your Ford Escape is a lot easier than you think. If you want to know more about this task, please refer to this article for more information.

We hope that you found our article interesting and helpful!

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