Ford E-350 Super-Duty Headlight Assembly Replacement Guide

Ford E-350 is a popular vehicle in the USA, and many car owners opt to upgrade their factory-supplied headlight assembly with a much better. When we talk about the Ford E-350 Super Duty headlight assembly upgrade, there are several reasons behind it, and all of them are very simple.

The main reason is that the after-market Xenon or LEDs are much brighter and clearly show everything on the road to avoid potential hazards. Other than that, the headlight assemblies enhance the look of your vehicle. 

What are the advantages of upgrading to LED or HID technology for Ford E350?

These days, it has become easy to upgrade your vehicle’s headlights from halogen to Xenon or LED. If you want to have a Ford E-350 Super Duty headlight kit replacement, you will find these lights to be affordable and easy to install, and therefore, they can make your life much easier. The following are the advantages of upgrading the headlights of your Ford E-350.

  • Both are new environmentally friendly technologies, whether it is the HID or the LED.
  • You will find these lights to have an extended lifespan, so they don’t have to be changed for a long time.
  • These lights are also great to lessen your travel fatigue.
  • Another great advantage is that the quality of the LED or the HID headlights protect you from glare.

A step-by-step process of replacing the 2017 Ford E350 Super Duty headlight assembly

The entire process of the 2017 Ford E-350 Super Duty headlight assembly upgrade is quite common these days. Although making this upgrade may feel like a daunting task, it is a simple process that you can do by yourself. You will just be required to have the technical knowledge and the tools.

  • Start the headlight assembly replacement procedure by opening the hood.
  • Although you will find several components, you need to focus on the radiation panel cover that you will find above the grill.
  • Several pop clips are holding this panel. You need to remove them and keep them somewhere safe.
  • You will find 10mm bolts underneath the radiation panel; you need to remove these bolts so that the grill becomes loose.
  • In the next step, you will be accessing the headlight. You need to pull out the headlight and unplug any harnesses that are connected to it.
  • In the end, you can put the new headlight assembly and put back the power cables.


The car buyers can never go wrong with Ford, as it is a respected manufacturer offering reliable and long-lasting automobiles. A Ford E-350 Super Duty headlight assembly upgrade lets you have more safety when traveling in the dark. Your headlight is a component that makes it secure when you travel in the car at night or in bad weather conditions. A reliable Ford E-350 Super Duty headlight assembly is vital to have better visibility.

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