Dodge Ram 1500 Headlight Assembly Replacement Guide

Dodge Ram 1500 is a mighty and stylish truck that is loaded with many security and convenience features. However, safety is never an option. It’s a necessity. If you have a foggy or faded headlight assembly, it can block the light output and make it dangerous to drive at night.

When you go for the Dodge Ram 1500 headlight assembly upgrade, it not only restores the light output but is also helpful to revive the look of your Dodge Ram 1500 truck. The headlight housing protects the driving lights as well as the turn signals, so when you replace the Dodge Ram 1500 headlight assembly, you indeed protect yourself and other passengers from any costly accidents.

When should the headlight assembly be replaced?

The headlights’ primary purpose is to offer you a well-lit driving path when you don’t have enough natural sunlight, but there are times when you need to change the headlight assembly.

  • When the bulb gets blown out

When you see the Dodge Ram 1500’s bulb itself is failed, then you will be required to replace it. Keep in mind that this is among the most common of the scenarios.

  • When the bulb is dimmed

Some bulb types like halogen bulbs can produce less light output when the filament gets aged. An HID or LED lighting doesn’t dim with age, and if the light source fails, you need to get it serviced or use the headlight assembly replacement kit.

  • When the headlight circuit happens to fail

There are times when bulbs are not the main issue for headlight assembly replacement. The wiring, bulb sockets, terminal connections, and other contents might be the underlying problems.

How to install Dodge Ram 1500 headlight assembly?

  • In order to install the headlight assembly of your Dodge Ram 1500, you need to open the hood.
  • After finding the headlight assembly, you need to remove it and also the connectors to the headlight.
  • The connector ring should also be taken off from the bulb, and now the old bulb can be replaced with the new one.
  • In the end, you need to reinstall the connector ring, the connectors, and the headlight assembly.

Cost of Dodge Ram 1500 headlight assembly replacement

If you plan to replace the headlight assembly of your Dodge Ram 1500, the range is based on the age of your vehicle on the road. The average cost of replacing the entire headlight assembly will be between $300 to $350. 

If there is a single high-intensity discharge bulb that you would like to replace, then the cost will be around $33 to $42. It would help if you also kept in mind that it can take a minimum of 2 hours to change a headlight.

Bottom Line

When you change the headlight assembly of your Dodge Ram 1500, it will be helpful for you to drive safer and improve your vision. There are many people who go for changing the turn signal bulbs and the brake light bulbs during the Dodge Ram 1500 headlight assembly upgrade, as these bulbs should also stay bright and visible. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to change all the bulbs at the same time.

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