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Dodge Journey Headlight Assembly Replacement Guide

Dodge Journey is one of the most popular family cars in the US. From the very first generation of this all-rounder car, finding a major factory fault is next to impossible. Considering the popularity of Dodge Journey, it is best to know how to replace the headlight components in the hour of need or to help someone on the road.

Going through this Dodge Journey headlight assembly replacement guide will give you a clear direction on how to approach this task.

  1. Take a look at the tools you need to work on the headlight assembly of the Dodge Journey. A flat head screwdriver will be more than enough for this job.
  2. Due to the similar shape of any first-generation SUV, there’s only one way you can access the headlight compartment. You need to pop open the hood to reach right behind the headlight compartment.
  1. Once the headlight compartment is visible, the first bulb you will be dealing with will be the low-beam bulb. With the SUV-like shape of the vehicle, the low-beam bulb will be located right at the center of the headlight assembly. You can quickly identify it because of its large assembly column.
  1. Now that the low-beam bulb is visible, you need to locate the base of the low-beam bulb itself. Before applying a counterclockwise rotatory motion on the bulb’s base, make sure that the power connector is out and hanging freely underneath the headlight column.
  1. After replacing the low-beam bulb, the next thing that must be focused on is the high-beam bulb. Considering the overall revies of the headlight burnouts associated with the Dodge Journey, most of the burnouts happen to the high-beam bulb. This is because of the extensive use of the high-beam setting.
  1. The high-beam bulb will be located at the inner column of the headlight assembly. To be more precise, try to focus on the bottom corner of the headlight assembly. Apply a ¼ counterclockwise turn motion on the bulb and pull it straight out. The bulb will appear in your hand.
  1. Also, don’t forget to ensure that the bulb you are replacing is in an immaculately clean state. It is essential to ensure that the headlights perform exceptionally well and don’t allow any light blur once the bulb is turned on.
  1. The high-beam bulb is replaced along with the low-beam bulb. What’s left now? After getting done with these two main bulbs, you need to focus on the indicator bulbs. These bulbs are present at the extreme outer end of each headlight and can be quickly taken out by a counterclockwise motion.
  1. Once everything is set, you need to follow the Dodge Journey headlight assembly replacement guide in reverse order to avoid missing anything while reassembling the headlight parts. Ensure to include the rubber protective disc as well within the headlight compartment.

Final note

We hope that now you got a clear idea of how you can work with your Dodge Journey when replacing the headlight compartment and components. Just make sure you practice it a few times before acknowledging the fact that you know how to replace headlights in your car. Having this kind of skill can save a lot of money down the road.

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