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Dodge Grand Caravan Headlight Assembly Replacement Guide

Dodge Grand Caravan has been one of the bestselling minivans in America. The best vehicle also needs the best headlights to make the drive more comfortable and safe for you. The broken headlight lens and burned bulbs are major causes of accidents during nighttime. 

Making sure that your Dodge Grand Caravan’s headlights are in prime condition can save you from a lot of trouble. Many people replace the OEM headlights with aftermarket ones because they offer better performance and simply look better.

Replacing the headlight or the housing is not that difficult, and there is no need for you to go to a repair shop and give your money. With this Dodge Grand Caravan headlight assembly upgrade guide, you will be able to make the replacements easily. Make sure to follow all the steps precisely, and you will be done in almost half an hour.

Headlight Replacement Options

There are different types of headlights according to visibility, level brightness, and performance. For example, some lights do not blind other people on the road while providing visibility.

Some lights can illuminate the road far ahead to give you a good view, while some offer a fixed beam that does not distract other drivers.

In a unit, when one bulb gets burned, the second one will probably also burn very soon. So if 1 bulb is burned, make sure to replace the second one as well.

The standard OEMs in Dodge Grand Caravan are halogen reflectors, and you can avail of other options by buying different trim levels. But replacing OEMs with aftermarket ones is also a great option.

You can always choose the HIDs or LEDs instead of the halogens. LEDs give your vehicle the best look and make them appear modern. They last longer and consume less energy than their counterparts.

The Dodge Grand Caravan Headlight Assembly Upgrade:

With this guide, you can replace the headlight assembly of 2008-2020 Dodge Grand Caravans. You will need some tools and basic technical knowledge to perform the replacement.

Required Tools for Headlight Assembly Kit Replacement:

  • A new headlight assembly
  • Flat blade and Phillips screwdriver
  • 8mm and 10mm sockets
  • Ratchet and extensions
  • Trim removal kit

Step by Step Process of 2008-2020 Dodge Grand Caravan Headlight Assembly Upgrade

  • Open the hood  
  • Remove two 10mm bolts and push pop connectors on the radiator plastic cover with the help of a trim removal kit and 10mm socket.
  • Move under the vehicle and remove the 4 plastic screws that are fastening the bumper sheet with the frame.
  • Next, move to the fender wall, turn the wheel away and remove the two Phillips screws. If the screws are rusty, you can spray the rust penetration on them. Under the lining, a 10 mm bolt is holding the fender and bumper together. Remove that bolt.
  • Repeat this process on the other side as well.
  • Remove the bumper by unmounting it carefully.
  • Remove the three 10mm bolts holding the headlight to the bracket and disconnect the harnesses before unseating the headlight housing.
  • There is a mounting bracket underneath the old assembly; transfer it to the new one and mount it after plugging the connectors.
  • Put everything back in place and close the hood.

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