Dodge Grand Caravan Bulb Size


Dodge Grand Caravan Bulb Size Chart

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Fog Light Bulb Front
2504 LED
Headlight Bulb High Beam
Headlight Bulb Low Beam
Turn Signal Light Bulb Front
License Plate Light Bulb
Parking Light Bulb
Back Up Reverse Light Bulb
Side Marker Light Bulb Front
Glove Box Light Bulb
Dome Light Bulb
Map Light Bulb
Interior Door Light Bulb
Reading Light Bulb Rear
Courtesy Light Bulb
Instrument Panel Light Bulb
Trunk or Cargo Area Light(Compare to original - Option 2)
Trunk or Cargo Area Light(Compare to original - Option 1)

Since you are looking at this article, you need to know the bulb sizes for the Grand Caravan. The chart that is included will give you all the information you need.

The Dodge Grand Caravan headlight bulb is the headlight bulb that sits on top of your car’s headlights. A headlight bulb is also known as a lightbulb for cars, and it provides the light source for your car’s headlights.

Different types of headlight bulbs provide different levels of light, visibility, and performance. For example, different headlights are better suited to avoid blinding other drivers on the road during night driving.

Some headlights are bright enough to clearly illuminate the entire area in front of your car for safe driving under any lighting conditions. Other headlights are specially designed to provide a focused beam that lights the way without distracting other drivers.

One common problem with Dodge Grand Caravan headlight bulb is when one or both headlight bulbs go out at once. This often happens because it’s more convenient to replace both lightbulbs at once rather than trying to find the faulty bulb.

Another common problem is replacing a single headlight bulb after it burns out because you can’t find bulbs that are an exact match to your current bulb.

Reasons for replacing the bulbs

Bulbs do not last forever, and if a bulb stops working, then it is time to be replaced. Driving with only one headlight or side marker is not recommended and can even be dangerous, which means that it is an excellent reason to replace it.

An opinion on esthetics is individual, but no one can deny that cars with LED lights look much more modern and better than with HID or halogen bulbs. If you think so too, then you are looking at another reason to go a get an upgrade kit to replace your bulbs with LEDs.

Advantages of installing LED bulbs

Power consumption is one of them, and not many people pay attention to it. As your alternator sends power to the electrical parts of the vehicle, it needs to work to be able to do that.

The more energy is required, the harder it will need to work. Reducing the power consumption on the bulbs will reduce the strain on it, and it will last longer.

On the topic of lasting long, LED bulbs will outlast any HID or halogen bulbs with ease. Halogen can last several thousand working hours, HID may go over 10 thousand, but LED may reach 50 thousand working hours. In other words, it is going to be a while before you need to replace the LED bulbs again.

Headlight Bulb Replacement

No matter what time of year it is, there are always things to do around the house. One of those tasks may be changing out light bulbs on your car. If you have a 2006-2009 Dodge Grand Caravan with Xenon lights, this will require that you remove the front bumper cover in order to access the bulb holder.

Tools needed:

10mm socket wrench

Steps for replacing headlight bulb:

1) Open the hood and locate a black plastic engine cover on the right side(driverside). There are 2x10mm screws that need to be removed so the engine covers can be lifted away from the grill area.

Once removed, set them aside in a safe place so they won’t get lost.

2) Locate the grill below the engine cover, directly beneath where it was attached.

There is a hole with an “X” inside of it toward the bottom right corner. Using a 10mm socket wrench, remove the bolt which secures this vent in place so it can be moved aside to expose the headlights on your minivan.

4) Locate headlight assembly at the left side(driverside). Using a 10mm socket wrench, remove 3 bolts located along the top here securing your headlight into place.

Carefully pull out bulb holder/assembly unit from truck carefully watching for any plastic clips that may break if they are stuck in place(which will require replacement pieces).

5) At this point, the headlight unit should be free. Using your fingers, carefully pull apart the black plastic gasket-like piece which was attached to your old headlight bulb in order to pry it out of its socket.

6) Remove the old headlight bulb by either rotating counterclockwise or pulling straight out once you’ve removed the gasket piece.

7) Insert the new 9005/HB3 Xenon replacement bulb into housing until you hear a “click” sound, then turn clockwise(to the left). Replace the assembly back inside the truck and secure with bolts previously taken off in step 4.

8) Re-attach vent which is located at lower grill area with 10mm socket wrench onto bolts previously removed in step 2.

This will require that you ensure the vent is properly attached on all sides, then lower down the black plastic engine cover and pop it back into place with 2x10mm screws removed earlier.

9) Turn the vehicle on and check the operation of the new headlight bulb(s).

TIP: Be careful not to touch or handle bulb glass with bare skin as it can leave fingerprints which will cause your replacement light to appear foggy/cloudy when lit up at night. Use a clean microfiber cloth instead for best results.


  • First generation (1984–1990)
  • Second generation (1991–1995)
  • Third generation (1996–2000)
  • Fourth generation (2001–2007)
  • Fifth generation (2008–2020)


How many bulbs are in the headlight of the Grand Caravan?

You should see four bulbs – turn signal, high and low beam, and side marker.

How to tell if I already have an LED bulb?

You can check your user manual if you are the first owner. If not, then you will need to look at each bulb separately to verify. LED bulbs have small diodes on them.

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