Dodge Durango Headlight Assembly Replacement Guide

Everyone knows that driving at night can be dangerous, especially if you have a burned-out headlight assembly. First of all, you will not have good visibility, second, the incoming traffic may not see you either. Dodge Durango is a versatile car that can carry passengers and tow cargo, and this is the reason why you must be looking for the best headlight assembly for the Dodge Durango.

For your Dodge Durango headlight assembly upgrade, you can go for the headlights that clean up the appearance of your vehicle and help your drive safely at night. You will be able to get a headlight assembly of high-quality, and its installation will be a piece of cake.

What kind of headlights are used by Dodge Durango?

Dodge Durango is a powerful, agile, and very versatile vehicle and has been able to gain wide recognition in America and all over the world because of its dependability. The Dodge Durango headlight assembly upgrade is available for the ones who would like to install the new ones or replace the damaged ones.

With the help of the headlight assembly, you will have excellent visibility in night driving and can also be used to upgrade its look. It uses the 9005 headlights bulb high and low beam, while an H11 LED fog light bulb is also used. Another option is the D3S HID headlights and H16 LED for the fog light bulb front.

How to change the headlight assembly of Dodge Durango 2006?

  • In order to change the Dodge Durango headlight assembly, you will need a wrench with a ratchet and also an extension.
  • Open the hood of your 2006 Dodge Durango by removing the bolts at the front and the bottom of the headlight lens.
  • The wheel should be turned behind the headlight towards the interior of the vehicle, as you will need to access the plastic cover. There you will see a retainer that you will have to remove.
  • You can then pull out the headlight assembly and access the bulbs. Try to disconnect the harnesses on the old ones, and in the end, insert the new headlight assembly into the body of your Dodge Durango.

Project vs. Reflector Headlights? Which ones are the best for your Dodge Durango?

When you want to have the best headlight kit replacement for the Dodge Durango, you would want to go for the brightest headlights that would not create any problems for you. When we compare the projector and the reflector headlights, the projector headlights are found to be much brighter and are less likely to blind the opposite traffic.

With the help of the projector headlights, the drivers can use the Xenon lights instead of the old halogen ones. When you consider all of this, you will be very clear that the projector headlights are a much better option for your Dodge Durango than the reflector headlights.


If you wish to have a Dodge Durango headlight assembly upgrade, it is essential that you have the accurate replacement bulb size so that you are able to save time. You have the option of going for the Xenon or the HID headlight assembly in place of the halogen factory headlights. It’s a good practice to confirm the correct details, which include the voltage and size of the bulb to carry out the installations.

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