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Dodge Dakota Headlight Assembly Replacement Guide

Fans of mid-sized trucks love Dodge Dakota. This powerful truck can work efficiently under various conditions. You can steer it wherever you want, from highways to off roads, and it will glide through everything. This versatility makes it very important for Dodge Dakota to have some high-quality headlights that will not hinder its performance in any environment.

The bulbs and headlights age with time, and you will have to replace them eventually, even if they do not break or burn accidentally. Always pay attention to the headlights and if you find anything wrong, make the replacement as soon as possible. The headlights are the lifeline of a vehicle, especially at night and in low visibility conditions.

Some people upgrade their OEM headlights with aftermarket ones for better performance and appearance. This Dodge Dakota Headlight Assembly Upgrade guide will teach you to easily replace the headlight bulbs and assembly at home when required.

Headlight Options

From 1987-2011 the Dodge Dakota has produced many generations, and they were furnished with different headlight assemblies and bulbs. The base trims of Dodge Dakota have halogen bulbs with reflectors. 

You can upgrade from halogens to HIDs and LEDs if you want better performance and more light, but only if cost is not an issue. But keep in mind that even if you replace the Halogens with HID or LED, they will not give you maximum output in halogen housing.

When you replace a headlight housing, the new assembly does not come with new bulbs, so in such cases, you should reuse the sockets and bulbs.

To find the right size and model of a bulb for your vehicle, you must check the owner’s manual.

Dodge Dakota Headlight Assembly Upgrade

Replacing the Dodge Dakota headlight assembly is very simple. Follow this guide and everything will be alright. This guide is precisely for the 1997-2004 Dodge Dakota, but it applies to other models with little differences.

Required Tools for Headlight Assembly Kit Replacement

  • A new headlight assembly
  • T10 Torx Driver
  • Flat blade screwdriver
  • 10mm socket and extensions
  • Ratchet

The Step by Step Process of 2004 Dodge Dakota Headlight Assembly Upgrade

  • Turn off the ignition and wait for the engine to cool down.
  • Pop the hood.
  • Like many other vehicles, there is no need to remove the bumper or grill in Dodge Dakota, and we can directly start working on the headlight assemblies.
  • At the headlight’s bottom corner, you will find a T10 Torx screw. Remove that screw and pull the parking light out after removing the sockets.
  • Now, for the headlight part, remove three 10mm bolts around the headlight to remove it from the bracket using a 10mm socket.
  • Disconnect the harness and remove the headlights.
  • Connect the cables with a new headlight and mount it in the stock position.
  • Put back the parking lights and all the other parts to complete the process.
  • Replacing a Dodge Dakota headlight will take you around 15 to 20 minutes.

The replacement will cost you somewhere between $150-$200.

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