Dodge Challenger Headlight Assembly Replacement Guide

Dodge Challenger is a classic car that distinguishes its owners from the masses. The beautiful stock body of a dodge challenger makes it feel like a sin even if you think about changing something in its body. Then what can you do to improve the already great exterior? 

You can change the factory headlights with a better option. In essence, the headlight replacement or upgrade is not only driven by a need for a better appearance. Headlights are the eyes of your vehicle, and they allow you to see the road at night or in low light conditions. 

Replacing your old broken lights with better aftermarket options can offer you limitless benefits, especially when driving such a beautiful and fast car like the dodge challenger.

This Dodge Challenger headlight upgrade guide can offer you all the required information about the DIY replacement process. It will only take some of your time and effort.

History of Dodge Challenger

The American manufacturer Dodge introduced dodge challenger to the world in 1970. The first generation was designed with the Chrysler E platform, and there were 2 options available for people to choose from( convertible or coupe). 

The second generation came in view in 1978 as Galant Lambada (Mitsubishi), but they were not as successful as the older generation. The major change in the 2nd generation was with the design and detailing of the headlights. 

The company revitalized their Dodge lineup after a long time in 2008 with the 3rd generation, which the 1st generation dodge challenger inspired, but there were many improvements.

The earlier generations have only Halogens reflector headlights as the factory options, but with the 3rd generation, the people could purchase packages or other trims with LED projector headlights, especially since 2014.

Dodge Challenger Headlight Assembly Upgrade Guide

This guide is for 2008-2014 dodge challengers, but you can also use it for other models with some changes. You will need some basic tools to complete the process.

Tools Required for Headlight Assembly Kit Replacement

  • The new headlight assembly
  • Flathead and Phillips screwdriver
  • Ratchet with extensions
  • Sockets (8mm and 10mm)
  • Trim removers

Step By Step Process

  1. If you have some expertise, you can remove the bumper without taking the tires off, but if you are new to this, then it’s better to remove the tires to get a better view of everything.
  2. Jack the car up.
  3. After removing the tire, pull all the body clips (pop clips) in the wheel well. There is no need to take the fender liner off completely. It is made of rubber, so just tuck t behind the rotor after removing the clips. There is also a 10mm bolt and another nut further holding the bumper. Remove it as well.
  4. Pop the hood and remove all 6 plastic pop clips on the front part of the bumper. There is a 1 (10mm ) bolt on the inside of both the left and right corners. Remove both bolts.
  5. Now start from one side and gently pull the bumper out.
  6. Remove all the bolts holding the headlight bracket before disconnecting the wires and dismounting the headlights.
  7. Put the new headlight in stock place and connect the wires.
  8. Put everything back and close the car carefully.

If you have followed our instructions, your Dodge will now be ready to sport brand-new, bright and shiny headlights.

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