D2R bulb guide

D2R also belong to the family of gas-discharge lamps. As the name suggests, these bulbs do not use ordinary filaments. But they are entirely acceptable and legal under Regulation 99.

The lamps come in a variety of types, which is determined by the pressure of the gas and temperature of the cathode. The arc current heat hot cathode D2R bulbs. As this happens, electrical filaments help to maintain the arc. On the other hand, cold cathode lamps rely on electrodes that function at room temperature. D2R use noble gases such as helium, argon, neon, xenon, and krypton.

All bulbs that fall under this category are designed for reflector systems. They also have sockets that fit in P32d-2 base. Besides, their nominal power is 35 watts at 85 volts, which makes them highly trustworthy.

The typical lifespan for D2R is also favorable. They efficiently operate for about 20,000 hours. After 24 months, you should replace all your lamps as the quality of some of them shall have deteriorated. Change all if you want to have an even density of light.

As always, you have the option to opt for the better option if possible. LED bulbs offer a higher quality of light than D2Rs. So, if you desire, feel free to upgrade at any time.

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