D1S bulb guide

D1S belongs to a family of artificial light sources that rely on electrons to emit light. These are gas-discharge bulbs, and they use one or a few noble gases. Some of the most common noble gases that these bulbs use are krypton, xenon, neon, and argon. And you will almost always, some additions substances, including sodium and mercury, which are vaporized to form part of the gas mixture.

D1S bulbs are unique in that they can be used in vehicle headlamps. They are also well suited for projector systems and have a nominal power of 35 watts at 85 volts. What’s more, you can use them in OEM HID D1S headlights without any hitches as they are tailored for the specific function. These high performing bulbs also connect into PK32 D1 base. And each of them has an integrated igniter.

D1Ss have two electrodes. When the bulbs are in operation, some electrons deposit the gas atoms near the anode due to the force of the two electrodes. In the process, they produce light.

The lamps are highly reliable and will serve you for about two years. They efficiently work for approximately 20,000 hours. For enhanced service, you can upgrade them to LED or other options. And, you can also recycle these lamps to avoid wastages when they are out of service.

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