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Chrysler 300 Headlight Assembly Replacement Guide

Chrysler 300 is a powerful vehicle with a spacious interior to run comfortably on the highway. It has a wide range of buyers, so many aftermarket upgrade options are available. This is the case in terms of headlight bulbs and assembly as well. 

The OEM front lights of Chrysler 300 look good, but there are even better options available so if you have a broken headlight assembly, you should upgrade the assembly with a better one.

We know that replacing the whole assembly will cost you some money, but you can surely save the labor if you do it yourself. The process of replacing a headlight assembly is not difficult, and we will guide you through every part step by step in this Chrysler 300 headlight assembly upgrade guide.

Available Headlights Options

The standard trims of the Chrysler 300 are equipped with halogen reflectors, and there are also other options available in the high-end trims. But just for a headlight buying an expensive trim is probably not a good idea. Many aftermarket headlights and headlight kits can give you what you want.

Purchasing LED headlights, or HIDs will increase the brightness and increase the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle. But replacing the OEM bulbs with the HID will be difficult and require a conversion kit if your housing does not have xenon lights already.

Although the LED bulbs are available, you should know some issues before buying them for your Chrysler 300. LEDs are the best bulbs currently, but they are not compatible with the designs of headlight assemblies which will make your bulbs shine more they will not be able to throw light into the distance.

The best upgrade option is to replace the whole headlight assembly with HID or LED, as many options are available. But in this guide, we will only be talking about replacing the headlight assembly with a new OEM assembly.

Chrysler 300 Headlight Assembly Upgrade

You can perform the headlight assembly kit replacement in half an hour with the help of some basic tools.

Required Tools for Headlight Assembly Replacement:

  • A new headlight OEM Assembly
  • Ratchet and extension
  • 8mm, 10mm sockets
  • Trim removal kit
  • Phillips and Flathead screwdriver

The Step by Step Process of 2005-2010 Chrysler 300 Headlight Assembly Upgrade:

  • Start by removing the 3 push pin connectors in the fender wall at both sides of the vehicle. You will find a 10mm bolt behind the fender wall; remove it.
  • Under the vehicle, remove the push pin connectors and 10mm bolts on the subframes holding the bumper in place. Disconnect the side markers or the fog light harnesses if equipped.
  • Move under the hood and remove the plastic radiator cover by removing push pin connectors. With this, you can pull the bumper straight out and remove it.
  • Remove three 8mm bolts fastening the headlight to access the electrical connectors and disconnecting them before removing the headlight assembly.
  • Connect the harnesses with new assembly before mounting them in the stock place. The new OE headlight assembly will fit perfectly in the space.
  • Put everything back in its position and close the hood.

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