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Chrysler 300 Headlight Assembly Replacement Guide

Never have there been a more popular vehicle than the Chrysler 300 if you were looking for a car that performs exceptionally well on highways and tracks that are built to test a driver’s skills.

Generally, the front of the Chrysler 300 comes with an OEM front light placement. Of course, it looks impressive, but they’re still are better options you can go with. The options will enhance the overall look of your vehicle and perform exceptionally well in terms of durability.

The headlight assembly replacement options you can go with

Before going into the details of the possible headlight options you can go with, you need to understand the overall build dynamics of the car. The Chrysler 300 is designed to hold halogen reflectors in place. The high-end trims options are also available in some of the variants of the vehicle.

You can also go with an expensive trim if you want an upgrade. But we would suggest you go with an after-market headlight kit. This will save you money, and you will also get the exact promotion you were looking for.

Now, there’s a pretty solid chance that you are already thinking about going with an LED bulb with the upgrade. I mean, why not? The LED bulb will enhance the look of the car, but you still need to ensure that the LED bulbs you are getting are compatible with the car model or not.

Required tools for headlight replacement

Considering that you might be thinking about replacing the bulb or headlight assembly of your Chrysler 300 yourself, you need specific tools to get the job done successfully. You can quickly get these tools from a nearby hardware store.

The first one is an OEM light assembly. Of course, you will need a new assembly to replace the old one. If you’re looking for an upgrade, you need to look for an LED assembly. A ratchet and an extension will also be good to have in the kit. 

Headlight assembly replacement steps to follow

  1. The first step is to remove the 3-pin push connector at the rear end of the headlight assembly. The connector will be accessible through the fender well of the vehicle. Once that’s done, you need to move to the below side of the car, where some other push connectors will be present.
  2. At this point, you will also be able to locate the 10 mm bolts. The bolts will be present on the subframes to hold the bumper in place. Remove the bolts and disconnect the fog light harnesses if installed.
  3. Once all the bolts are removed, you need to remove the protective radiator cover. The cover will be plastic and connected to the body through pus-pin connectors. The radiator cover will allow you to pull the bumper straight out and remove it.
  4. Now, you will finally be able to access the headlight assembly area. Remove the three 8 mm bolts you will see that attach the headlight to the assembly body. Gently remove the bulb and the electric connectors. Don’t forget to disconnect all the electronic components before finally replacing the headlight.

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