Chrysler 200 Headlight Assembly Replacement Guide

When you feel your visibility is impaired at night or you think that your lighting is too low or high, there is always one component of a vehicle to be guilty: The headlights. Chrysler 200 is known to be a very competitive mid-sized vehicle in America and has won many awards because of its solid driving dynamics, ample trunk space, and exceptional safety equipment.

Chrysler 200 has some of the most dynamic headlights and offers its customers a Chrysler 200 headlights assembly upgrade from the factory bulbs to the HIDs and LEDs. You need to choose the correct bulb size that can easily fit in the vehicle.

Type of headlight assembly used in Chrysler 200

Chrysler 200 comes with the 9005 for the high and the low beam headlights for its 2017 model. This is where the halogen headlight assembly is specially used, but if you plan a headlight kit replacement, the D3S bulb type can be used.

The fog lights of Chrysler 200 have H11 and H16 LED bulbs. It is worth mentioning that between the 2011 and 2015 models, the 9012 bulbs have been used for the low and high beam headlights, whereas the 2506 bulb is used for the fog lights.

Advantages of upgrading the Chrysler 200 headlight assembly from halogen to LED or HID?

There is always an online chart available for you that can be very helpful if you require Chrysler 200 headlight assembly upgrade from the factory bulbs to the HID or LED ones. This way, you will be able to all the information regarding what type and size of headlight assembly you will be needed for your car.

As compared to halogen technology, the LED or HID can significantly improve your visibility at night. The LED and HID lights have a much longer lifespan and offer you a broader light spectrum as compared to the halogen ones. Both LED and HID are very easy to install and look aesthetically pleasing to your eyes when you compare them with the halogen headlights.

How to install the 2015 Chrysler 200 headlight assembly?

  • In order to reinstall the headlight assembly of your 2015 Chrysler 200, you need to turn the position of the wheel below the headlight.
  • Just above the wheel, there is a plastic door that you need to unscrew, and it has a headlight symbol on it.
  • The circular cap securing the headlight assembly needs to be removed, and you can then quickly pull out the headlight assembly.
  • You can then install the new headlight assembly on your 2015 Chrysler 200, and the same process will go on with the other side.
  • In the end, you can test the headlight assembly and see whether it is working correctly or not.

Final Thoughts

The Chrysler 200 comes with projector headlights, and in order to determine the correct size of the bulb for the LED or HID headlights, you can always get expert advice. If you want to have Chrysler 200 headlight assembly upgrade, you can consult the user manual, check your OEM bulbs, or contact the manufacturer to get the right size of the bulbs.

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