Chevy Colorado Headlight Assembly Replacement Guide

Are you looking for ways to change or upgrade the headlight bulbs of your Chevy Colorado? Sometimes even a minor accident might damage the reflector, projector lens, or the bulb’s whole housing of your vehicle, so you want to replace the Chevy Colorado headlight assembly. This Chevy Colorado headlight assembly upgrade guide is what you need.

We will be discussing the whole process step by step so you can do it yourself easily while saving hundreds of bucks on replacing the headlight assembly.

Chevy Colorado Headlight Assembly Kit Replacement

Before starting the headlight assembly replacement or upgrade, make sure to check your car’s manual to understand the bulb size and other parameters.

Let’s first talk about headlight assembly replacement.

How to replace the bulbs on the Chevy Colorado

Driving a vehicle with a defective bulb is illegal because it can lead to major road accidents. But there is no need to worry because you can replace the faulty bulb easily in your home without the help of a mechanic. Of course, you will need some basic equipment and technical knowledge.

Equipment required to replace the Chevy Colorado bulbs

·         A screwdriver

·         The bulbs or headlight assembly to be installed

·         A sanitizer (alcoholic) will help you clean the bulbs in case there is some residue.

·         A pair of gloves for safety

·         Clip removers

Step by step guide to replacing headlight assembly bulbs

After lifting the hood, you will see two plastic covers (upper and lower cover) at the corner right above the headlight assembly on the passenger side.

The first step is to remove the plastic covers with the help of a screwdriver.

The second step is to remove the clips holding the covers together. One clip is located at the top, while the second is in the engine bay. With this, you can altogether remove the outer plastic covers and move to the next step.

The next step is to remove the dust cover by twisting it counterclockwise. This will give you access to the bulb. Unplug the connecting wire and turn the bulb counterclockwise to remove it.

Replace the faulty stock halogen bulb with LED/HID technology. Precisely align the bulb with the housing and turn it clockwise until it’s locked.

After installing the bulb, plug the connecting wires together. Carefully put any other wires hanging outside into the housing before closing.

Check the bulb if it is working or not before going any further. If everything is fine, reinstall all the covers.

2017 Chevy Colorado headlight assembly upgrade

If you want to replace headlight assembly/ housing completely, the process is also straightforward.

Equipment needed

·         Make sure to buy a headlight assembly designed for your model.

·         Rachet

·         Sockets (7mm, 8mm,10mm, and T15 Torx Socket)

·         Socket extension

Step by step instructions

First, remove the bumper grill by removing all the T15 Torx and other screws on the top, bottom, wheel well, and under fender liner.

After slightly unseating the bumper, unplug the stock fog light harness and altogether remove the bumper now.

Next, remove all the screws on the headlight bracket’s top, bottom, and sides and unseat the headlight. Do not forget to disconnect the stock headlight harness.

Connect the new headlight assembly harness and mount it in place. Install all the screws back on the headlight brack, and then install the bumper back after connecting the stock fog light harness.

Note: This 2017 Chevy Colorado headlight assembly upgrade will cost you around $270.

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