Chevrolet Traverse Headlight Assembly Replacement Guide

Chevrolet Traverse is among the best vehicles because of the additional passenger and cargo space compared to all its rivals. Because of a reasonable starting price, it is undoubtedly a worthwhile purchase. Chevrolet Traverse offers something for everyone. It is possible to boost the look by having a Chevrolet Traverse headlight.

You can choose from a wide range of halogen, HID, and LED bulbs to achieve the exemplary performance and appearance that you want. The replacement and removal of the headlight assembly give surety that it can hold up for several years and can withstand any impacts and heavy weather.

Why should you upgrade to LED from halogen for the Chevrolet Traverse?

The halogen bulbs of a Chevrolet Traverse can only perform on a fundamental level. It is never easy to drive with a Chevrolet Traverse lighting that might be weaker. Other than that, the halogen bulbs are susceptible to failure and can cause problems for you shortly. Upgrading the headlight assembly replacement kit can be pretty straightforward, and anyone can do it.

There is no doubt that the LED headlights are way different from the halogen ones, as they come with many advantages over halogen. LEDs are brighter than halogen and consume a lot less power. Other than that, they don’t heat up as much as the halogen bulbs, while they take up less space. Therefore, replacing a halogen bulb with an LED is always a good idea.

Steps on replacing the headlight assembly of 2015 Chevrolet Traverse

Changing the headlight assembly is relatively simple in most Chevrolet Traverse models, including 2015. Begin by turning the wheels away from the side you would like to change. From the inner fender cover, you need to remove the bolts, and you will be able to access the dust cap of the headlight.

You will find this the most time-consuming part of the entire process. The cap needs a quarter to be removed, whereas you need to give a quarter turn to the bulb. There are release tabs on the power connector that you will see. When these are pinched, you can remove the headlight assembly and replace it with a new one.

What is the cost of replacing the 2015 Chevrolet Traverse headlight assembly?

Several drivers get tired and frustrated with the yellowish light from the bulbs, and therefore, they plan to replace them. The headlight assembly of the Chevrolet Traverse can be replaced in just a few minutes, whereas the cost is around $109. Other than that, you have to spend $14 for the parts and $95 for the labor.

The best thing about replacing and removing the headlight assembly for the 2015 Chevrolet Traverse is that you don’t need to have a lot of experience to fit the kits effectively. By installing the proper headlights, you can surely benefit from efficient lighting.

Final Thoughts

The headlight bulbs of a Chevrolet Traverse are placed in a housing that illuminates the roadway and makes your vehicle visible to other cars. To have Chevrolet Traverse headlight assembly upgrade, you have several options. Although some models of Traverse are sold with headlight options, the mechanic will need the VIN of the car to determine the type of headlight assembly in your vehicle.

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