Chevrolet HHR Headlight Bulb Size

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2011 Chevrolet Hhr ChartBuy Bulb on Amazon
Headlight Bulb High Beam and Low Beam
Center High Mount Stop Light Bulb
Brake Light Bulb
Turn Signal Light Bulb Front
License Plate Light Bulb
License Plate Light Bulb
Parking Light Bulb
Tail Light Bulb
Turn Signal Light Bulb Rear
Back Up Reverse Light Bulb
Side Marker Light Bulb Front
Side Marker Light Bulb Rear
Glove Box Light Bulb
Glove Box Light Bulb
Trunk or Cargo Area Light
Dome Light Bulb
Map Light Bulb
Map Light Bulb
Automatic Transmission Indicator Light Bulb

Upgrading or replacing the bulbs on your HHR means that you need to know the correct sizes. This article and the table includes all the information you will need to ensure successful replacement.

Why would you replace the bulbs with Led on a Chevrolet HHR?

The HHR is a vehicle from a period where LED bulbs were very rare, so it is probably equipped with HID or halogen lights. To modernize the look on the vehicle, you can replace them with LEDs, and you would be getting a few things with that, which will be discussed later.

Also, older bulbs do not last very long, so sooner or later, the bulbs will start to burn out. On the interior side of things, that may not be such a big deal, but a vehicle needs to have all of its exterior light working at all times.

What are the advantages of replacing the old bulbs with LEDs?

Replacing bulbs on your vehicle is not something that you want to do often, so LEDs are a great choice. They have a rating of at least ten times more working hours than HID or halogen bulbs, so you will not be replacing them quite so often.

Due to their design, the diodes do not heat up as much as the other bulbs meaning that there will be less heat around the plastic casings in which they are. In general, it is not an enormous heat that will melt the plastic, but over time it will start to cause some damage.

How to replace a headlight bulb on a Chevrolet HHR?

The procedure is a bit tricky because you will need to do things by touch. Once you have disconnected cables from the battery, you can begin.

Start unbolting the bolt on the plastic in the wheel arch. You may need to turn the steering wheel to face outwards to have better access. Remove the plastic clips and pull the cover until you have enough space to fit your hand. Since this is a tight spot, you will need to feel around for the cable and bulb housing. When you find it, turn it counterclockwise and pull it out. Replace the bulb and put it back in, turning it clockwise.

How to tell if a bulb will fit on my HHR?

You can follow the sizes in this article of you can check your user manual.

Can I put LED headlights that are brighter?

Yes, you may find some manufacturers that produce brighter LEDs for your headlights, but before you buy them, make sure if the law permits it.

  • First generation 2006–2011

Bulb replacement

This is simple headlamp replacement on a chevy HHR these can be somewhat of a pain but it’s actually not that hard what you’re going to need is a replacement headlamp which is on h13 part number a seven millimeter socket and ratchet and a flathead screwdriver now instead of a flathead screwdriver you can pick up a tool like this at the auto parts store which is made for it but a flathead screwdriver will get you by just fine first thing to do is simply turn your wheel towards the side that you want to replace the lamp next remove your three seven millimeter screws there’s one here there is one up here and there’s one underneath right here now that we’ve got our screws out we need to remove our four plastic retainers there’s one right here one down here and underneath we’ve got one here and one right here these plastic retainers are pretty easy to get out you can get under them with a flathead…

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