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There are a lot of reasons to buy a Chevrolet Colorado. Even more so if you’re looking for a dependable light source every night on the road.

The best way to get this is by using your year, make, and model-specific Chevrolet Colorado headlight assembly. These will be much better than the generic assemblies, as they come custom-designed to fit perfectly in your truck.

This way you will get the original performance and safety features, which are optimized for your specific Colorado.

So let’s go over some reasons why you should choose a headlight assembly as your source of light.

First is definitely compatibility – there are not many cars out there that share parts with another car from a completely different manufacturer. When they do it’s really hit or miss.

For example, those who drive a Toyota Tacoma may find it difficult to find a Dodge Dakota headlights assembly that fits their truck well enough to provide good visibility on the road at night.

That brings us to our next point: custom design. Chevrolet Colorado headlights come specifically tailored to fit only this vehicle model, therefore they don’t need any additional adjustments or changes in order for them to fit well.

This way you don’t have to worry about them not working properly.

Another thing worth mentioning is that headlight assemblies are much more affordable than upgrading your lighting system on your own.

While the original halogen, HID and LED headlights can be expensive to replace, these cheap assemblies will do an excellent job of providing you with all the visibility you need while driving during nighttime hours.

Finally, buying a brand new assembly is much safer than trying to install used parts yourself.

Everything from their design and functionality to pricing and safety features is taken into account when they leave the factory – so if something breaks down or doesn’t work well enough – it’s always better to get a replacement rather than try to fix it yourself (as this is not always possible).

So when you add all this up it’s obvious why getting your hands on a new headlight assembly is the best choice for you and your Colorado.

It will provide you with everything you expect from a quality lighting accessory, while also saving some money in the long run.

Just make sure to check if they come with installation instructions or guide of some kind – that way you won’t have to worry about which parts need to be taken off or anything like that.

Anytime one needs to replace their car’s bulb, turning signal, parking light, or headlight, it is imperative that they do prior research on the replacement sizes and guide.

This plays in regardless of whether you intend to replace the headlight with an HID or replace the interior lights with an LED. For Chevrolet colorado, it is no different.

In this article we will provide an intensive bulb replacement guide, discussing, the amount of time it may consume, and the general installation process.

The Installation Process

It is illegal to drive with faulty car bulbs especially on the highways. Since this is known to facilitate a majority of road carnages.

Fortunately, it should not be more of a hassle, since the installation can happen at the comfort of your home, without the indulgence of any professional. You only require some basic technical knowledge and the right equipment and you are good to go. 

Tools Needed

  • The headlight to be installed.
  • Alcoholic sanitizers to clean off any residues on the bulb before installation.
  • A screwdriver.
  • Gloves to avoid injuries in case the bulb flickers.
  • The buyer’s guide.

Steps to Follow

  • Identify the bulb holder and remove the bulb- In the Chevrolet colorado, like in every other car model, you are expected to dismantle the bulb cover and remove the old bulb, ensure that all the three connecting wires are in place. 
  • Clean the new bulb and carefully install it- Ensure that you keenly clean the new bulb with alcohol sanitizer, then carefully clip the connecting wires and finally fix the bulb onto the holder. Reinstall the bulb cover and test the functionality of the new bulb. 

However, if the bulb doesn’t function, you are advised to seek the services of a professional. 

Benefits of Upgrading From Halogens to HID/LED Technology

  • LED bulbs are known to last longer than the halogen bulbs.
  • It is possible to directly replace the halogen lights with LEDs.
  • The LEDs generate lesser heat compared to the halogens.
  • LED emit more light compared to the halogen bulbs of a similar size.
  • According to a research conducted by the ERC, LEDs emit more light than the halogen bulbs while at the same time saving over 85% of the energy. Making it one of the most energy efficient bulb for your Chevrolet colorado.

Considerations to Make When Choosing the Chevrolet Bulb

  • The lifespan of the bulb, to check how long of service it will provide.
  • The intensity of light produced in relation to the energy consumption.
  • The bulb’s white light emission capability.


1st generation of Chevrolet Colorado is manufactured between 2004-2012. The first generation is available with cab styles including: regular cab, extended cab and crew cabs. Customers can choose 2WD or 4WD layouts for this model.

2nd generation of Chevrolet Colorado is manufactured between 2012-present. They are all available in the extended cab layout only and customers can choose either two-wheel drive (2WD) or four-wheel drive (4WD).

3rd generation of Chevrolet Colorado is manufactured between 2016-present. They are all available in the crew cab layout only and customers can choose either two-wheel drive (2WD) or four-wheel drive (4WD).

Bulb replacement

Today we’re gonna be replacing the stock college involved with our deserre model on this 2018 Chevy colorado first you will want to start by removing the screw holding the plastic cover in place using a Torx t20 age you will then remove the first clip located on the top and then once removed you’ll remove the second clip located in the engine bay now you will want to remove the plastic cover to remove the dust cover you’ll twist it counterclockwise now you’ll want to twist the ball counterclockwise and remove the bulb from the housing to remove the wiring harness you’ll just pinch down on the clip before installing the LED bulb you want to make sure the connection is secure now it is very…

Before embarking on the replacement process it is important that you understand your bulb size by checking on the car’s purchase manual. However, we have simplified that and summarized the bulb size chart for the Chevrolet colorado since 2004 to 2017 models. 

  • High beam headlight- 9005/9005LL: for those models harboring the halogen capsule headlamp; H6054 for all 2004-2006 models whose headlamps are sealed. 
  • Low beam headlight- 9006: for all 2004-2012 models; H11LL/H11 for all 2015 to 2017 models. 
  • Fog lights- 9045 or H11LL/H11: as described in the buyer’s guide; 9045: for all 2009-2012; 5202: for 2015-2017

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