Chevrolet Blazer Headlight Assembly Replacement Guide

The Chevrolet Blazer is a powerful compact SUV with a stylish design and feels more like a sports car when driving than an SUV. People love it because it is a great companion for rural and urban area drives and adventures.

A powerful vehicle like Chevrolet Blazer needs the help of solid headlights to give its best, so knowing about the headlight dynamics of your Chevrolet Blazer will allow you to replace or upgrade the headlights with the best possible options.

This DIY 98-05 Chevrolet Blazer headlight assembly upgrade guide has everything you need to know before replacing or upgrading the headlight lens of your car. Why should you do it yourself? To save money and time!

Does Chevrolet Blazer have projector lights or reflector lights?

Chevrolet is known for innovation. Chevrolet has blessed the market with numerous outstanding vehicles in all these years, and Chevrolet Blazer is a prime example.

We know different vehicles and models have different headlight configurations. So, what sort of headlight does the Chevrolet blazer has?

The earlier models of Chevy Blazer were equipped with sealed beam halogen headlights (reflectors). These are the headlights you see in most old vehicles, and they are called sealed beams because the bulb and assembly should be one-piece and hermetically sealed. If the bulb stops working, you will have to replace the whole assembly.

Later models from the late 90s to 2005 had composite halogen headlights. In composite headlights, you can change the bulb if it gets burned.

Instructions for replacing the Chevrolet Blazer Headlights

  • Replacing/Upgrading the headlight assembly in 98-05 Chevy Blazer with OEM housing is very simple. The process will take 10-15 minutes.
  • Start by propping the hood and moving towards the headlight you need to replace.
  • Behind the headlight, two metal securing tabs hold the headlight in place.
  • Remove the tabs and make sure not to drop them in the engine bay.
  • Removing the tabs will free the headlight assembly. Pull the headlight out and detach the connectors at the back.
  • If you want to replace the bulbs, rotate the plastic cover counterclockwise to remove the old bulb and put the new one before closing the lid.
  • If you want to replace the whole assembly, put a new lens in the housing and reconnect the wires.
  • Put everything back as it was to complete the installment.

The average cost of replacing the Chevrolet Blazer Headlights

The cost for upgrading the headlights for your Chevrolet Blazer can be different depending on various factors like labor cost, component price, and if you want the lamp or housing replacement/upgrade.

The labor cost lies between $50 to $70, and the components (halogen bulbs) can cost you around $47 to $63. So in case you want to replace the bulbs, the average cost will be about $120, but replacing the headlight housing will be a little more expensive.

The headlight assembly replacement can cost you $200-$700, depending on your choice. For example, OEM assembly will cost less, while aftermarket options like HIDs and LEDs are costly.

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