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Unlike in the past where drivers could take for granted the aspect of having fully working light bulbs, car owners today know the risk that such a trend can amount to especially when driving at night.

Almost everyone is aware of the Toyota brand with the company being one of the world largest corporate companies. The Toyota Motor Corporation owns reputable brands such as Tesla, Isuzu, and Daihatsu. Recently, the company acquired full ownership of two brands – Scion and Lexus.

It is the company policy on continuous investment in innovation that has made the company to enjoy its dominance for the many years that it has been in existence. In fact, the company is now the fifth largest company in the world not only in size but also on revenue collection. Its innovation culture has seen the company producing high-end cars such as Aygo, Prius, and Yaris.

Toyota does not look like it’s going to tire down anytime soon. In fact, the company was the first company to do mass production of electric cars back in 1997 with its famous brand of Prius. Today, it is the largest auto manufacturer in Japan. The company has other series of products such as SUVs, trucks, coupes, and sedans.

Toyota has a culture of ensuring that all their cars have halogen headlamps with LED lights only coming in as a featured option. But users do not have to worry anymore as they can easily upgrade their lighting system anytime. While lighting often comes in as the most underappreciated part of a car, it is time that users should know that high-quality lights will not only improve your car’s look but also make all the difference one may need.

The good thing is that we have a team of professionals that are so motivated to help Toyota users with their light upgrading process. For only a small price, we guarantee to give your car a look that you have always wanted.

It is a known fact that traditional vehicle bulb lighting system tend to wear down slowly impacting the quality of the lights with time. But with the latest technology that we offer, users will not have to worry about the light headlights dimming with time. This is the case as the new bulbs not only shine brighter but are also structured in a way that they last for a longer time.

Almost any Toyota user knows how crucial it is to have their vehicles’ bulbs functioning optimally all the time. The same also applies for brake lights and tail lights. This is the surest way of ensuring that police officers never unnecessarily stop you on the roads. Additionally, it also improves your safety and that of others while you are on the road.

Our Toyota guide has useful information of replacement of bulbs such as rear fog, the indicator, headlights, and the tail light.

Users are reminded that they should always buy original light bulbs from trusted dealers. Not only will they get value for their money, but it would ensure that they preserve the value of their cars. Even after having the right bulb, users are advised to have a dealer fit the bulbs for them so as to reduce the chances of any mistakes occurring.

Standard Toyota Light Bulbs

It is important to remember that the market has a wide variety of different headlights designs and sizes. It is up to the users to choose the one they want. But for the users who want to cut down on cost, they are advised to try using used Toyota headlights. Headlight accessories can also be uniquely used to enhance one’s vehicle design as well as giving a lasting life in the process. The critical thing is to ensure that you end up using high-quality headlights in the end.

Toyota Yaris Headlight Bulb Size

First generation (XP10; 1999–2005) Second generation (XP90; 2005–2013) Third generation (XP130, 2011–present; XP150, 2013–present) Fourth generation (2020–) Bulb replacement

Toyota Venza Bulb Size

Production November 2008–2015 (US) Bulb replacement

Toyota Tercel 2dr Bulb Size

First generation (L10; 1978–1982) Second generation (L20; 1982–1986) Third generation (L30; 1986–1990) Fourth generation (L40; 1990–1994) Fifth generation (L50; 1994–1999) Bulb replacement

Toyota Supra Bulb Size

First generation (A40/A50; 1978–1981) Second generation (A60; 1981–1985) Third generation (A70; 1986–1993) Fourth generation (A80; 1993–2002) Fifth generation (J29/DB/A90; 2019–present) Bulb replacement

Toyota Sequoia Bulb Size

First generation (XK30/XK40; 2000–2007) Second generation (XK60; 2007–present) Bulb replacement

Toyota RAV4 Headlight Bulb Size

First generation (XA10; 1994–2003) Second generation (XA20; 2000–2005) Third generation (XA30; 2005–2016) Fourth generation (XA40; 2012–2018) Fifth generation (XA50; 2018–present) Bulb replacement

Toyota MR2 Bulb Size

First generation (W10; 1984–1989) Second generation (W20; 1989–1999) Third generation (W30; 1999–2007) Bulb replacement

Toyota Mirai Bulb Size

Production 2014–present Bulb replacement

Toyota Matrix Bulb Size

First generation (E130; 2003–2008) Second generation (E140; 2009–2014) Bulb replacement

Toyota Land Cruiser Bulb Size

J20, J30 (1955–1960) J40 (1960–1984) J70 (1984–present) J50 (1967–1980) J60 (1980–1990) J80 (1990–2008) J100 (1998–2007) J200 (2007–present) Bulb replacement

Toyota Highlander Bulb Size

First generation (XU20; 2000–2007) Second generation (XU40; 2007–2013) Third generation (XU50; 2013–present) Fourth generation (XU70; 2019–present) Bulb replacement

Toyota FJ Cruiser Bulb Size

Production 2006–present (LHD) Bulb replacement

Toyota Echo Bulb Size

Production December 1999-2005 Bulb replacement

Toyota Cressida Bulb Size

Production December 1976 – 1992 Bulb replacement

Toyota Corona Bulb Size

First generation (T10; 1957–1960) Second generation (T20, T30; 1960–1964) Third generation (T40, T50; 1964–1970) Fourth generation (T80, T90; 1970–1973) Fifth generation (T100, T110, T120; 1973–1979) Sixth generation (T130; 1978–1983) Seventh...

Toyota C-HR Bulb Size

Model years 2018–present (North America) Bulb replacement

Toyota Chaser Bulb Size

1st Generation (X30, X40; 1977–1980) 2nd Generation (X50, X60; 1980–1984) 3rd Generation (X70; 1984–1988) 4th Generation (X80; 1989–1992) 5th Generation (X90; 1992–1996) 6th Generation (X100; 1996–2001) Bulb replacement

Toyota Celica Bulb Size

First generation (A20, A30; 1970–1977) Second generation (A40, A50; 1977–1981) Third generation (A60; 1981–1985) Fourth generation (T160; 1985–1989) Fifth generation (T180; 1989–1993) Sixth generation (T200; 1993–1999) Seventh generation (T230; 1999–2006) Bulb...

Toyota Camry Solara Bulb Size

First generation (XV20; 1998–2003) Second generation (XV30; 2003–2008) Bulb replacement

Toyota Avalon Bulb Size

First generation (XX10; 1994–2005) Second generation (XX20; 1999–2004) Third generation (XX30; 2004–2012) Fourth generation (XX40; 2012–2018) Fifth generation (XX50; 2018–present) Bulb replacement

Toyota 4Runner Bulb Size

First generation (N60; 1984–1989) Second generation (N120/N130; 1989–1995) Third generation (N180; 1995–2002) Fourth generation (N210; 2002–2009) Fifth generation (N280; 2009–present) Bulb replacement

Toyota 86 Bulb Size

Model years 2012–present Bulb replacement

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