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The Saturn LLC was an American automobile trademark registered by General Motors. It was launched on January 7, 1985. For some time, the company operated and marketed itself independently from General Motors. It was GM’s way of rivaling Japanese vehicle manufacturers. Saturn Corporation marketed itself using the byline “different kind of car company” and had an assembly plant based in Spring Hill, Tennessee. It also had an individual retailer network for its unique models.

In October 2009, General Motors discontinued all production activities surrounding Saturn vehicles following a withdrawal by Penske Automotive to buy Saturn in September. All franchises licensed to sell Saturn-branded vehicles halted in October 2010.


Saturn Models Light Bulb Size Chart

Model Year Low beam High beam Fog/Driving light
Astra 2008 9005/HB3 9145/H10
Aura 2009 – 2007 H11 9005/HB3 H11
Ion 2007 – 2005 9007/HB5 H/L 881
2004 – 2003 9007/HB5 H/L 881
L300 2005 H11 9005/HB3 899
L series 2004 – 2003 H11 9005/HB3 899
2002 – 2000 9006/HB4 9005/HB3 880
LW series 2004 – 2003 H11 9005/HB3 899
2002 – 2000 9006/HB4 9005/HB3 880
Outlook 2009 H11 9005/HB3 H11
2008 – 2007 H11 9005/HB3 5202
With HID 2009 D1S H11
With HID 2008 – 2007 D1S 5202
Relay 2007 – 2005 H11 9005/HB3
SC series 2002 – 2001 9006XS 9005/HB3 880
2000 – 1997 9006/HB4 9005/HB3 880
SC1 1996 – 1995 9006/HB4 9005/HB3 H3
SC2 1996 – 1995 H4666 893
SL series 2002 – 1996 9006/HB4 9005/HB3 880
1995 9006/HB4 9005/HB3 H3
Sky 2009 – 2007 H11 H9 H11
SW series 2001 – 1996 9006/HB4 9005/HB3 880
1995 9006/HB4 9005/HB3 H3
Vue 2009 – 2008 H11 9005/HB3 H11
2007 – 2002 9006/HB4 9005/HB3 880


Lighting systems vary from vehicle to vehicle and so do lighting bulbs. The different types of headlights present today include brake lights, interior lights, indicator lights, fog lights, sidelights, headlights, and many others. Depending on the make and model, these fit differently as they vary in size and shape. In order for a light bulb to fit correctly, it must have the correct fitment.

Fitting information can be acquired by making a quick call to your manufacturer or by perusing through your owner’s manual. Each light will have its bulb size indicated. If you’re a DIY kind of person, remove the headlights yourself and check the bulb. It’s fitting will be indicated around the casing. Here is a photo of a light bulb whose fitting is H7.

Saturn Aftermarket Headlights Guide

Saturn vehicles are built to offer the best riding feeling that you can ever get from a car. For better driving experience, you need enough and functional automotive parts and accessories. These will ensure that your Saturn works well.

There is a wide online selection of Saturn parts and accessories that can enhance your driving experience. An example of such a part is the Saturn Headlight. These are built to ensure that you have a clear vision of the road, communicate effectively with other motorists and that you are safe while driving. Aftermarket headlights lift off the stress of having to look for high-quality headlights.

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