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Pontiac was a General Motors car brand that was meant to supplement its performance division during the 20th Century. It was a companion to GM’s top-of-the-line Oakland automobiles. By 1933, the brand had overtaken Oakland in popularity and was now the main performance car.

General Motors marketed and sold Pontiac vehicles in Canada, Mexico, and the United States from 1960. However, in the early 21st Century, the automaker announced that it would discontinue its manufacturing and marketing following its restructuring efforts and financial problems. The last vehicles came into production in December 2009 with the final model being built on January 2010. Pontiac dealers had their franchise agreements expiring on October 31, 2010, marking the last sales of Pontiac vehicles. General Motors was left to concentrate on its other North American brands: Buick, GMC, Cadillac, and Chevrolet.

Pontiac Models Light Bulb Size Chart

Pontiac Model Year Low Beam High Beam Fog Lights
Aztek 2001-2005 9006 9005 880
Bonneville 1987-2005 9006 9005 880
G6 2005-2006 H11 N/A H11
Grand Am 1999-2005 9007 * 880
Grand Prix 2004-2006 9006 9005 N/A
Grand Prix 1997-2003 9007 * 880
GTO 2004-2006 H11 N/A H11
Montana 2006 H11 H11 N/A
Montana 1999-2005 9004 * 880
Sunfire 2003-2005 H11 N/A 880
Vibe 2003-2006 HB2 * 9006

The Pontiac is a well-balanced, sporty and intelligent vehicle that delivers an impeccable and incomparable driving experience. Very few cars can be compared to the Pontiac line-up. Its parent company, General Motors, worked hard to careful blend comfort, clear visibility, and safety for all its Pontiac enthusiasts and drivers. A great way to maintain the mix would be to replace its dimming and burned out headlights with high-quality headlights.

Pontiac Aftermarket Headlights Guide

A broken or dimming headlight is a frequent frustration that’s not only dangerous but illegal. As such, it should be sorted out as soon as possible. It takes time for most drivers to notice that their headlights are dimming. However, it’s easy to tell when they are no longer functional. It’s commonplace to replace them immediately with new headlight bulbs so as to maintain safety and to ensure that no trouble is caused by the authorities.

The most common replacements include super-bright headlights or LED car bulbs built to suit all your Pontiac needs at a low budget. In addition, you can add a set of extra brake lights, install some flashy tail lights or fit extra bright headlights in order to personalize your vehicle and enhance its safety. There are plenty of aftermarket headlights available from the best and most reputable manufacturers. They are of the highest quality, durable and come with guarantees in place.

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