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Mercury was founded by Edsel Ford in 1938 as an entry-level premium brand meant to bridge the price gap between the Lincoln and Ford vehicles. Similarly, Oldsmobile and Buick were built with the same purpose within General Motors as Chrysler did the same within Chrysler Corporation. Mercury became defunct in January 2011 prior to which it had occupied 50% of the Lincoln-Mercury Division.

Vehicles built shared some aspects of either Lincoln or Ford or both. In 1939, Ford decided to build the Mercury Eight with a distinct body so as to reduce production and development costs. As of 1941, nearly all models received a new badge. During the formation of the Edsel division, all premium cars were built in line with Mercury vehicles. After the closure of the division, Mercury received a distinct styling to that of Lincoln and Ford. Ford mainly sold Mercury vehicles in the United States, Mexico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Canada, the Middle East, and Puerto Rico.

An announcement of the discontinuation of the Mercury division was released by Ford Motor Company in the summer of 2010. This was with the aim of centralizing engineering and marketing efforts on the Lincoln and Ford brands. The last unit was the 2011 Mercury Grand Marquis which was released on 4th January 2011. Despite the discontinuation, Mercury remains a registered and operational trademark retained by Ford Motor Company.

Mercury Models Light Bulb Size Chart

Model Year Low beam High beam Fog/Driving light
Cougar 2002 – 2001 9006/HB4 9005/HB3 9145/H10
2000 9006/HB4 9005/HB3 H3
1999 9006/HB4 9005/HB3 893
1998 – 1995 9007/HB5 H/L 893
Grand Marquis 2011 – 2006 H13/9008 H/L 9145/H10
2005 – 1998 9007/HB5 H/L
1997 – 1995 9006/HB4 9005/HB3
Marauder 2004 – 2003 9007/HB5 H/L
Mariner 2011 – 2005 H13/9008 H/L 9145/H10
Milan 2011 – 2010 9005/HB3 H11
2009 – 2006 H11 H7 H11
Montego 2006 – 2005 D1R 9005/HB3 9145/H10
Monterey 2007 – 2004 H13/9008 H/L H1
Mountaineer 2010 – 2006 H13/9008 H/L 9145/H10
2005 – 2002 9007/HB5 H/L 9145/H10
2001 – 1999 9007/HB5 H/L 9006/HB4
1998 – 1997 9007/HB5 H/L H3
Mystique 2000 – 1995 9006/HB4 9005/HB3 893
Sable 2009 – 2008 H11 9005/HB3 H11
2005 – 2000 9007/HB5 H/L 899
1999 – 1995 9007/HB5 H/L
Sable wagon 2005 – 2000 9007/HB5 H/L 899
Tracer 1999 9007/HB5 H/L 881
1998 – 1997 9007/HB5 H/L 899
Tracer seden, wagon 1996 – 1995 9004/HB1 H/L
Villager 2002 – 1996 9007/HB5 H/L
1995 9004/HB1 H/L

If you’re a Mercury fanatic or Mercury mobile electronics installer, a Mercury light bulb size guide is a useful tool to have with you when you need to change a broken headlight bulb, parking light bulbs, or turning signal bulbs. A light bulb size guide helps you identify the right replacement size that you need and also saves a lot of time.

Mercury Aftermarket Headlights Guide

Hardly do we ever realize how important our headlights are until they’re broken or start to fade away. When the clarity starts reducing, it’s time to replace your headlight bulbs.

Burned or dimmed headlight bulbs are a recipe for danger. This means that you cannot see the road nor spot any obstacles with ease. Also, such a situation could earn you a ticket from the local authorities. Fortunately, there are numerous options available today that can help you fix broken or dimmed headlights. They include Xenon and LED bulbs. Replacing your halogen headlights for better headlights can eliminate the yellow, uneven, and inadequate lighting. This is thanks to newer light models which increase down-road visibility by 25% and provide 30% more light.

You can personalize your Mercury by adding extra bright headlights, an additional stylish brake light, or some flashy tail lights at the back of your vehicle. These not only enhance the look on your Mercury but also improve your safety when driving at night. High-quality lights will deliver what your vehicle needs and withstand all forms of weather conditions.

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