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The Japanese automaker Nissan started selling its luxury vehicle division Infiniti in North America in 1989. Currently, the marketing network for the model spans over 50 countries.

In 2012, Nissan decided to move its Infiniti headquarters from its corporate building based in Yokohama to Hong Kong. The division was then named Infiniti Global Limited. The sole purpose for the move was to target the growing Chinese luxury car market. In September 2014, BMW’s former head of the Asian division, Roland Kruger, was appointed as president of Infiniti.

Infiniti debuted its production outside Japan with the QX60 crossover which was initially known as JX35. Two models also began production in Xiangyang, China at a plant run by Dongfeng Motor and Nissan. During the same period, Nissan Motor Manufacturing UK grew its presence in Sunderland, England by producing the 2015 Q30 compact car.

According to Chief Executive, Hiroto Saikawa, Infiniti plans to solely produce hybrid or all-electric cars before 2020.

Infiniti Models Light Bulb Size Chart

Model Year Low beam High beam Fog/Drving light
EX35 2012 – 2008 H11 H9 H8
With HID 2012 – 2008 D2S H8
EX37 2013 H11 H9 H8
With HID 2013 D2S H8
FX35 2012 – 2006 D2S H8
FX37 2013 D2S H8
2005 – 2003 D2S 9006/HB4
FX45 2008 – 2006 D2S H8
2005 – 2003 D2S 9006/HB4
FX50 2013 – 2009 D2S H8
G20 2002 – 1999 H4/9003 H/L H3
1996 – 1995 9004/HB1 H/L H3
G25 2012 – 2011 D2S H8
G35 2005 – 2003 H1 H4/9003 H4/9003
With HID 2005 – 2003 D2R H4/9003 H4/9003
G35 Coupe 2007 D2S H1
2006 D2S H1
G35 Sedan 2008 – 2007 D2S 9006/HB4
2006 D2S H4/9003
G37 Coupe 2014 – 2011 D2S H11
2010 – 2009 D2S H1
G37 Sedan 2013 – 2011 D2S H8
2010 – 2009 D2S 9006/HB4
G37 2008 D2S H1
I30 2001 – 2000 9006/HB4 9005/HB3 H3
1999 – 1996 9004/HB1 H/L H3
W/HID 2001 – 2000 D2R 9011 H3
I35 2004 – 2002 D2R 9005/HB3
J30 1997 – 1995 9006/HB4 9005/HB3
JX35 2013 D2S H11
M35 2008 – 2006 H1 9005/HB3 H11
With HID 2010 – 2006 D2S 9005/HB3 H11
M35h 2013 – 2012 D2S H8
M37 2013 – 2011 D2S H8
M45 2008 – 2006 H1 9005/HB3 H11
With HID 2010 – 2006 D2S 9005/HB3 H11
2004 – 2003 D2R 9005/HB3 H3
M56 2013 – 2011 D2S H8
Q45 2006 – 2005 D2S 9005/HB3 H8
2004 – 2002 D2S H1
2001 – 1999 D2R H1 H3
1998 – 1997 H4/9003 H/L H3
1996 – 1995 H4/9003 9005/HB3
Q50 2014 LED LED LED
Q60 2014 D2S H11
Q70 2014 D2S H8
QX4 2003 – 2001 D2R 9005/HB3 H3
2000 – 1999 H4/9003 H/L H3
With HID 2000 – 1999 D2R H1 H3
1998 – 1997 9004/HB1 H/L H3
QX50 2014 H11 H9 H8
With HID 2014 D2S H9 H8
QX56 2013 – 2011 D2S H8
2010 – 2004 D2R 9005/HB3 H3
QX60 2014 D2S H11
QX70 2014 D2S H8
QX80 2014 D2S H8

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Infiniti Aftermarket Headlights Guide

There’s no better way to illuminate the luxurious image of an Infiniti. It all narrows down to installing some of the most vibrant Infiniti Headlights that improve on the sleek and luxurious image of your Infiniti. The results are simply astounding. Infiniti Projector Headlights of the highest quality ensure that you do not go wrong and are on the right track.

Infiniti Headlights come from the most talented designers in the world and are guaranteed to fit your car to the manufacturer’s specification. Styles vary from Headlight to Headlight and include Infiniti Euro Headlights, Fog Lights, JDM Black, Crystal Clear, and so much more. These ensure that you see better at night and that your safety is not compromised in any way.

Each pair of Infiniti Halo Headlights is designed to fit the model it was built for. After picking the one that’s appropriate for your model, the next part involves choosing that which represents your personality and style best. Once installed, your Infiniti will acquire a new streak of brightness that’s strictly unique and ravishing.

Infiniti M37 Bulb Size

First generation: 1990-1992 Second generation (2003–2004) Third generation (2006–2010) Fourth generation (2011–present) Bulb replacement

Infiniti G37 Headlight Bulb Size

Fourth generation (V36, 2007–2015) Bulb replacement

Infiniti EX37 Bulb Size

First generation (J50, 2007–2013) Bulb replacement

Infiniti QX80 Bulb Size

First generation (JA60; 2004–2010) Second generation (Z62; 2010–present) Bulb replacement

Infiniti QX70 Bulb Size

First generation (S50, 2003–2008) Second generation (S51, 2008–2017) Infiniti QX70 (S51, 2013-2017) Bulb replacement

Infiniti QX60 Bulb Size

Model years 2013–present, 2014-2017 (Hybrid) Bulb replacement

Infiniti QX50 Bulb Size

First generation (J50) Second generation (P71A) Bulb replacement

Infiniti Q70 Bulb Size

Model years (2013–present)

Infiniti Q60 Bulb Size

First generation (CV36, 2013–2015) Second generation (CV37, 2017–present) Bulb replacement So a new video on how to change your HIV light from a qx60 jx35 so you...

Infiniti Q50 Headlight Bulb Size

First generation 2014–present