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The Hyundai Group was launched in 1947 by South Korean businessman Chung Ju-Yung. Initially, the conglomerate was run by Chung as a construction firm until his death in 2001.

Three years earlier, the Eastern part of Asia had experienced a financial crisis that raised fears of a global economic meltdown. This accompanied with Chung’s death caused a major break-up and restructuring of the Hyundai Group. The company focused on tourism, container shipping and the manufacture of lifts.

Today, a majority of the companies bearing the name Hyundai are not part of the Hyundai Group. The major ones include Hyundai Development Company, Hyundai Motor Group, Hyundai Heavy Industries Group, and Hyundai Departmental Store Group.

Some of Hyundai Group’s subsidiaries are still run by Chung’s relatives. If they were to be considered as a single large family business, the automaker would be the largest and most powerful company both politically and economically in South Korea.

Hyundai Models Light Bulb Size Chart

Model Year Low beam High beam Fog/Driving light
Accent Hatchback with projector 2017 – 2014 9005 881
Without projector 2017 – 2006 H4/9003 H/L 881
Accent Sedan with projector 2017 – 2014 9005 881
Without projector 2017 – 2006 H4/9003 H/L 881
Accent 2 dr, 4 dr 2005 – 2000 H4/9003 H/L
1999 – 1995 9004/HB1 H/L
Azera 2017 – 2007 H7 H7 H8
2006 H7 H7
With HID 2017 – 2013 D1S H7 H8
Elantra 2017 H11 H7
Without projector 2016 – 2014 H11 H7 881
With projector 2016 – 2014 9005/HB3 H7 881
2013 H11 H1 881
2012 – 2007 H11B H1 881
With HID 2017 D1S
With 25W HID 2017 D5S
Elantra 4 dr, 5 dr 2006 – 2004 H7 H1 9006/HB4
2003 – 2001 H7 H1
2000 – 1999 H4/9003 H/L
1998 – 1996 9007/HB5 H/L
1995 9004/HB1 H/L
Elantra Couple 2014 – 2013 H11 H1 H8
With projector 2014 9005/HB3 H7 881
Elantra GT 2017 – 2015 H11 H7 H8
Elantra Hatchback 2013 H11 H7 881
2010 H11B H1 881
Entourage 2009 – 2007 H11B H1
Equus 2016 – 2014 D1S H7 LED
2013 – 2011 D1S H7 H8
Genesis 2015 H11 9005/HB3 LED
2014 – 2009 H11 H7 H8
With HID (G90) 2017 D1S
With HID 2016 – 2015 D1S
With HID 2014 – 2011 D1S H7 H8
With HID 2010 – 2009 D1S H7 H11B
With LED (G90) 2017 LED LED
Genesis Coupe 2016 – 2013 H7 H7 H8
2012 – 2010 H11B H1 881
With HID (G80) 2017 D1S LED
With HID 2016 – 2013 D1S H7 H8
With HID 2012 – 2010 D1S H1 881
Ioniq 2017 H7 9005/HB3
With HID 2017 D3S
Santa Fe 2017 H7 H7 LED
2016 – 2013 H11 H7 H8
2012 – 2009 H11B H7 881
2008 – 2007 H7 H7 881
2006 – 2002 H4/9003 H/L 880
2001 H4/9003 H/L H3
With HID 2017 D3S LED
With HID 2016 – 2015 D3S H7 H8
With HID 2014 D1S H7 H8
Scoupe 1995 9004/HB1 H/L H3
Sonata 2017 – 2015 9005/HB3 9005/HB3
2014 – 2011 H7 H7 H8
2010 – 2009 H11B H1 881
2008 – 2006 H7 H1 881
2005 – 2002 H7 H1 9006/HB4
2001- 1999 H7 H7 H3
1998 – 1997 9006/HB4 9005/HB3 H1
1996 – 1995 9006/HB4 9005/HB3 881
With HID 2017 – 2015 D3S
With HID 2014 D1S H7 H8
Sonata Hybrid 2015 – 2013 H11 H7 H8
Tiburon 2008 – 2007 H11 H7 9006/HB4
2006 – 2003 H7 H7 9006/HB4
2001 – 2000 H7 H1 H3
1999 – 1997 9006/HB4 9005/HB3 H3
Tucson 2017 – 2016 H7 H7 H8
2015 – 2014 9012 880
2013 – 2005 H4/9003 H/L 881
2008 – 2005 H4/9003 H/L 881
with HID 2017 – 2016 D3S H7 H8
with LED 2017 – 2016 LED H7 H8
Veloster w/projector type 2017 – 2013 H11B H7 H8
2012 H11B H7 881
Without projector type 2017 – 2012 H7 H7 881
Veracruz 2012 – 2007 H11B H7 9006/HB4
XG350 2005 – 2004 H7 H1 9006/HB4
2003 H7 H1 H3
2002 – 2001 H7 H1 H3

H/L = Dual filaments high/low beam

The best replacement bulb size takes time to find. And for a novice or simple Hyundai enthusiast like yourself, finding the right bulb size can be a dreary process. Using a Hyundai light bulb size guide can lift the burden of confusion when replacing your turning signal, headlight or parking light bulb.

Automotive light bulb size guides can also be used to install HID headlight conversion kits, Automotive LED bulbs, HID kits, and car light bulbs. Light bulb sizes are available for reverse lights, corner lights, interior map lights, vanity mirror visor lights, headlamps, parking lights, turning signals, brake lights, side markers, dome lights, trunk lights, license plate lights, and many more.

Most of the sizes will work with your Hyundai lights. However, the information provided should be applied with care. Some bulb sizes are listed by other users and not professionals. In addition, there are no warranties attached to the information provided. The data is to be used at the vehicle owner’s risk. This makes it important to first check that all the bulb voltage usages, bulb wattages, and bulb sizes are correct.


Hyundai Aftermarket Headlights Guide

The Hyundai Accent is a loveable car. Not only does it come with a unique style, but it also depicts incomparable performance. As a happy owner, you might want to boost its individuality by adding some high-quality lights.

The headlight aftermarket segment has a huge catalog that includes a wide range of lights. These span from reliable tail lights to fiery headlights and stylish fog lights. Don’t let darkness or fog come in between you and a blissful ride. All lights vary with price and are built to meet all Hyundai needs.

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