Cadillac SRX Headlight Assembly Replacement Guide

Your search ends here if you are looking for Cadillac SRX headlight assembly replacement information. This guide consolidates all the information you’ll need in the process.

The headlights are essential during the night, and you should always check them before heading out at darker hours.

There are many reasons to replace the headlight assembly of your car. Generally, replacing the bulb will work if there is some problem with the headlight. But when the assembly is broken or cloudy, the whole assembly needs to be replaced. You can take your vehicle to a mechanic or replace the assembly yourself at home by following this guide.

Does Cadillac SRX have a projector or reflector headlights?

The Cadillac SRX has gone through many phases and has received many upgrades and new features during all these years.

Like most other vehicles, the car has halogen reflectors as factory default. In later years, there were options like HID projectors available in the high-end trims and packages. But things changed drastically in 2021 because now most manufacturers are applying LEDs across the board in all vehicles.

Required Tools for Headlight Assembly Replacement

  • 7mm, 10mm sockets, ratchet, and extensions.
  • Flathead and Phillips screwdriver
  • Trim removal tool
  • New headlight assembly.

Step by Step Instructions for 2010-13 Cadillac SRX headlight Assembly Replacement Guide

  1. Pop the hood and prop it up.
  2. Remove the weather stripping to halfway on both sides.
  3. At the front side of the engine bay, you will see a plastic cover fastened by six push clips. Remove them with a trim removal tool. If any push clips are damaged, do not worry because they are very cheap and easy to get.
  4. Pull the plastic cover to remove it. You might have to use force because two tabs also hold the plastic cover underneath.
  5. Next, unscrew the 6 10mm bolts visible after removing the plastic cover.
  6. Now move towards the fender well to remove the 7mm bolt behind the fender liner connecting the bumper to the fender. But to get access to this bolt, first, you will have to remove the 6 Phillips screws and one push clip fastening the fender liner. Turn the tire in both directions to see if all the fasteners are removed. Repeat this process on the other side as well.
  7. Jack up the car to reach the bottom screws. Remove all the 10mm bolts securing the bottom side of the front bumper.
  8. The bumper is big so you will need some assistance taking it off. Once all the bolts are loosened, pull the bumper out and disconnect the fog light harness and washer fluid hose before obliterating it.
  9. To access the bolts securing the headlight bracket, remove the remaining plastic cover fastened by plastic clips.
  10. Remove the bolts holding the headlight.
  11. Next, pull the headlight out and remove all the wiring harnesses attached to the backside.
  12. Put the new headlight assembly in the stock place and attach the connectors.
  13. Put everything back in reverse to complete the process.
  14. The whole process will take you from 30-45 minutes.

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