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Philips Automotive Lighting utilizes the experience it has gained from its long history of innovations in automotive lighting to deliver high quality xenon HID headlight bulbs, exterior and interior LED bulbs, LED conversion kits, and conventional signaling bulbs.

The company’s headlight kits comprise both halogen and xenon HID bulbs that provide excellent performance on the road. Philips xenon HID bulbs produce as much as 200% more light compared to conventional bulbs while the halogen bulbs produce 100% more light compared to OEM bulbs.

Safety is important when driving down a dark and foggy night. For fog lights, Philips offers LED lights. These use the company’s SafeBeam technology to provide a beam pattern that is similar to that of standard halogen fog lights. These lights fit perfectly and match almost all colors emitted by Xenon and LED headlights. They maximizes visibility and safety under all types of weather conditions.

Philips provides headlight restoration kits that help eliminate the fading and hazing of standard headlight lenses. These kits are easy-to-use and can be professionally fitted in just under four steps without using any power tools. Philips’ ultraviolet technology restores any headlight lenses and makes them 100% brighter. These kits reduce your expenses and eliminate the need of replacing all your factory headlight lenses.

The average incandescent bulb produces about 10 to 20 lumens for every watt. Philips LED bulbs produce more light using less energy. The company was the first to market exterior LEDs that offer dynamic lighting for different types of vehicles. Its Vision LED bulbs offer maximum light to ensure you get enough light where you need it. They are ideal for back-up and brake lights as they offer a quick response time. Philips advanced LED designs also cover interior lighting options, such as glove box and dome lights.