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GE was the first company to create the first incandescent light bulb. It has been behind life-changing innovative solutions for years. It was also behind the construction of the first Central Power Station in America.

Currently, the company provides appliances, power systems, lighting solutions, and several other products for factories, offices, and homes all over the world. Its power and light division has been behind the basics of modern life. For example, it has facilitated the development of knowledge of the human body through X-ray machines.

Very few companies out there can match what GE has acchieved. The company operates airlines that run on the largest and most efficient jet engines available today. It also uses the most developed signaling and locomotive system to move freight, and is behind the helicopter engines that drive rescue missions in different parts of the world. GE is involved in almost all ways of moving goods and people.

The most advanced, cleanest energy and technology solutions you’ll find today are thanks to GE. These include smart grids that facilitate management of electricity demands, FlexEfficiency Combined Cycle power solutions, and gas engines that use organic waste. GE’s technology is currently behind ¼ of the world’s electricity. The company’s oil and gas division currently spans 120 countries where it provides reliable, cost-efficient, and safe innovations.

GE Lighting has provided tremendous breakthroughs since the start of fiber optic communications. Its team of professionals is ever inventive and continuously looks for ways of providing more solutions to the world’s problems. Scientists at GE have used energy, light, and other resources to create carbon nanotubes, holographic data storage tools, and organic LEDs. All automotive lighting bulbs are available under the brand name “Tungsram.” The company’s reputation for having world-class and affordable automotive lighting solutions makes it a must have for your vehicle’s lighting needs.