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EVO lighting is a lineup of lighting products produced by CIPA USA, a privately owned company that provides OEM and aftermarket products and solutions in Canada and USA. It specializes in the research, design, development, manufacture, and delivery of high quality lighting products.

CIPA was founded in France in 1926. It started specializing in quality mirrors for OEM and aftermarket units at the beginning of the last decade. It has developed aftermarket units for automotive manufacturers such as Volkswagen, Mercedes, BMW, and Volvo. The company’s ability to meet these demands has made it one of the most reliable suppliers of automotive lighting solutions in the world.

The EVO lighting lineup is designed and built using OEM expertise. Halogen lighting products cover all automotive lighting needs from headlights to tail lights. They also offer color temperatures close to those offered by automotive manufacturers. Green and blue bulbs are also common and are quite famous with trendy car owners.

Other EVO lights include accent, signal, and specialty products that incorporate the latest low current, high-output solid state technology. EVO provides some of the best automotive headlights today. They feature quartz-halogen bulbs that come with durable tungsten filaments enclosed with halogen and exotic noble gases. These bulbs are also highly efficient.

All EVO bulbs are DOT approved and are 100% street legal. They provide the same brightness and color temperatures as OEM bulbs. They project light where it’s needed, maximizing safety and vision on the road. You don’t have to worry about communication with other drivers as these bulbs work well without dimming or flickering.

CIPA is dedicated to making constant improvements to the quality of its products through control systems that eliminate all defects. The company is committed to serving the customer and looking for ways of reducing costs incurred in manufacturing products while maintaining high quality levels. It’s proud to be ISO 9001 certified.