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EiKO is a US-based manufacturer that has specialized in the production of lighting products for over 40 years. The company has offices in Canada, the United States, APAC, and Europe. It fulfills the lighting needs of both industrial and commercial end-users by providing a wide array of products, solutions, and services.

EiKO also provides replacement and retrofit LED lamps in multiple shapes, color temperatures, and wattages. Automotive light bulbs include low and high beam headlight bulbs, recreational vehicle bulbs, and interior as well as exterior bulbs. The company boasts of economically conscious options that aim to offer an alternative to other brands within the industry.

It’s currently widely recognized for its “Certified Green” program that was launched in 2008 to provide eco-friendly bulbs that consume less energy and last longer than conventional light bulbs. Most of the bulbs under the program are ENERGY STAR rated, meaning they are approved by the Department of Energy for their high quality standards, energy efficiency, and environmental friendliness.

In addition to automotive lighting solutions, EiKO also provides high-technology lighting products for other markets. These include medical, dental, video, and photography. Bulbs here comprise general use incandescent bulbs, fluorescent tubes, HID bulbs, energy saving LEDs and CFL bulbs, and special application bulbs.

EiKO also boasts of several unique brands under its belt. The SoLux lineup provides light that simulates the bright light of the day. Bulbs under the ColorMaster brand are specially designed for digital imaging while those from ReaLite mimic natural sunlight.

Indoor solutions include slim panels, canopies, downlight kits, high bays, strips, and troffers. Outdoor LED fixtures include high bay, wall packs, vapor tight, and flood area lamps. EiKO’s ability to produce affordable high quality bulbs has convinced millions of customers across the globe to buy its products. If you want to buy eco-friendly light bulbs for your car, EiKO is a great option.