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Eagle has been providing aftermarket automotive lamps such as headlights, corner lights, signal lights, tail lights, and side marker lights since 1979. These products are designed with style and safety in mind to make sure that they meet all the demands of the existing customers.

Since 2000, Eagle has worked continuously to upgrade and improve the hardware and software that it uses in the production process of auto lamps. This is to ensure that products are highly efficient and perform as required. The company acquired an AQRP-LAB certificate in 2008 to allow it to carry out AQRP tests in its lab. It’s now able to perform photometric and environmental tests and generate reports for Certified Automotive Parts Association (CAPA) and E-Mark.

Eagle is exposed to a wide array of testing equipment thanks to its quality certified lab hosting and high-end facilities. The company is able to produce more than 200 new light bulbs annually to meet the ever-growing needs of the customer. Furthermore, Eagle has been able to meet the expectations of each concerned stakeholder over the years.

The company also boasts of a dedicated, knowledgeable, and skilled staff that keeps an eye on growing global trends. This ensures that products are up to date and relevant enough to provide solutions to current problems. To maximize quality and style, Eagle carries out multiple tests on its products to ensure that they meet the highest safety and technical requirements.

For example, tail lights and headlights undergo tests such as humidity and temperature tests, salt spray test, UV coating adhesion test, vibration test, surge immunity test, and dust test to ensure that they can withstand all types of climates and weather conditions. All these steps make Eagle an uncompromising manufacturer that strives to deliver safety, quality, style, and performance. All bulbs and lighting solutions are 100% street legal and fit perfectly on your vehicle with ease.