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Atomic LED is a leading manufacturer of truck lights. It prides itself in using the latest manufacturing techniques and finest grade material to provide safer and bright illumination solutions using less energy. The company provides high-quality third brake lights, cab lights, running lights, flashers, and other related products such as switches, work lights, and wiring harnesses.

All lights are easy to install and offer superior reliability and efficient performance. They are built to fit precisely on your Dodge, Ford, Class 8, or Chevy truck with ease. Atomic LED also ensures that the lights connect seamlessly to your vehicle’s electrical systems without having to cut or drill through the vehicle’s body.

Thanks to flashers, Atomic LED lights also function as strobe lights. Buyers can switch flasher patterns with the flashers’ sync pins. This eliminates the need of buying an additional strobe light and ensures that you get 2 light offers for the price of one. All LED lights have 2 levels of brightness that function differently depending on the situation. They are also more efficient and brighter than conventional lights.

Atomic LED offers warning lights that can be used in place of your truck’s mirror and rear lights, cargo light, 3rd brake light, and reverse lights. The system used to develop these lights ensures that products connect fast and easily with the vehicle’s Body Control Module (BCM). The system provides a mode switch that either provides the factory function when in warning mode or overrides it wholly.

The company’s assortment of lights also includes LED bulbs that produce more brightness compared to OEM bulbs. They also last longer and consume less power from your truck’s electrical system. Atomic LED has gone an extra mile to protect your investment by offering value for your money. Its products feature a two-year warranty that parallels their quality and performance.