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Anzo uses its cutting edge design, state-of-the-art development, quality certifications, quality control systems, and years of experience to develop the best solutions for automotive lighting needs. Its products feature current technologies such as halos, projector beams, and LEDs.

You get a wide selection of headlights, signal lights, 3rd brake lights, taillights, LED, and HID options for your off-road lights. When it comes to fog lights, Anzo develops lights that fit different types of vehicles and offer a mix of high-end quality and exquisite looks. They are designed to produce maximum brightness that illuminates the road ahead for clear visibility.

All Anzo fog lights are built to perform for long periods without dimming or flickering. This ensures that you get to drive safely under heavy fog and rain. The company knows the importance of providing perfect illumination and a striking appearance. To aid with this, it uses the current CAD/CAM design and 3-dimensional testing technology to maximize accuracy and precision.

All lighting options and technologies developed are subjected to thorough testing for impact strength, moisture resistance, and durability. Rigorous photometric testing is also carried out to ensure that the light produced provides the proper luminance. Anzo bulbs produce up to 30% more light compared to standard lighting solutions. The company is also ISO 9000 and 9002 certified, meaning you get produces that are of the highest quality.

You also get 100% street legal lights that are DOT, SAE, and Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) compliant. Anzo lights make you the king of the highway. They ensure you take pride in the improved driving safety of your vehicle by illuminating all parts of the road that are necessary for safe driving. You also never have to worry about communication with other drivers. Anzo signaling and exterior lights ensure that the right message is sent across for other drivers to react accordingly.