BMW X5 Headlight Assembly Replacement Guide

Like the other parts of any vehicle, headlights and their bulbs are the ones that can wear out and therefore need periodic replacement. It is also essential to do a BMW X5 headlight assembly upgrade so that you can avoid loss of visibility at night and citation by the law authorities.

The suitable headlight kit replacement of the BMW X5 helps to ensure visibility even in poor weather conditions, and it is a signal for other drivers to know your on-road presence. It is worth mentioning that the headlights that can function adequately help reduce the risk of an accident.

What kind of headlights are used in BMW X5?

BMW employs several technologies in its vehicles. It would be best if you kept in mind that the headlights technology of BMW stands on three main pillars, the halogen, the Xenon, and the LED. For BMW X5, the halogen headlights are the basic ones that you will find in most of its models. This technology relies on the incandescent bulb filled with halogen gas to increase the light intensity.

These days, we can see that even in the most basic of the BMW X5’s, the LED has started to replace halogen technology. These days, the halogen headlight is complemented by LED-based lights. When we talk about the standard LED lights, an LED projector is featured for each headlight. They aim to improve the road illumination in dark driving conditions optimally.

Instructions on replacing 2006 BMW X5 headlight assembly

  • To have a BMW X5 headlight assembly upgrade, you need to remove two clips and an 8mm bolt next to the headlight.
  • In the next step, you need to remove a plastic trim under the headlight with a clip remover.
  • There are two other 8mm bolts behind the trim, and you need to remove them also.
  • You will also find four headlight wires that need to be disconnected. It is essential to disconnect the ballast wire beneath the headlight housing.
  • Now you can take out the headlight assembly and replace it with a new one. In the end, you need to reverse all the steps and tighten the bolts to get the headlights ready.

What is the cost of the 2008 BMW X5 headlight assembly replacement?

Suppose you have a plan to replace the headlight assembly of BMW X5, the cost averages between $70 to $93. The estimated cost for the labor is between $52 to $67, and the parts will cost you around $25. To have a 2008 BMW X5 headlight assembly upgrade, you have to ensure that you have the details from a trusted supplier. This way, you will have peace of mind by ensuring that you have all the parts and accessories at the best prices.


Your BMW X5 has been made by using the best care and craftsmanship, so you need to have high-level replacement components for it. To have a BMW X5 headlight assembly upgrade, you need to switch them out if you find them shattered or unreliable. In contrast, several varieties are obtainable through the best auto part vendors. These include halogen, Xenon, and LED models. 

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