BMW X1 Headlight Assembly Replacement Guide

Thinking about changing the headlight assembly of your BMW X1? Then you will find this guide not only helpful but also cost-saving.

There are many reasons one would want to replace the headlights of their vehicles. The most common is a fused bulb which can be solved by replacing the headlight bulb. Other signs of when a headlight bulb replacement is due include lights becoming dim, flickering of light, or not turning on at all. 

There is another scenario that requires you to replace the whole headlight assembly. The reasons can include an accident that damaged the deadlight, it has become old and cloudy, or the style simply looks old, and you want something modern-looking.

Whatever the reason, you can follow this BMW X1 headlight assembly replacement guide to do it yourself and some your time and money.

What Type of Headlights Does BMW X1 use?

We know that a vehicle can use three types of headlights: halogens, HIDs, and LEDs. You can choose depending on your need and budget. But what kind of headlights do BMW X1 comes with as default? Let’s have a look.

You know headlights change over the years, and the company offers different options each time. Halogen is the most common headlight that comes with basic trims, and if you want to go for HIDs, you can do so in the higher-end trims. You will also find the complete LED system in some models, especially the latest models.

Required Tools for BMW x1 headlight Assembly Replacement:

  • A new headlight Assembly
  • Torx T30 screw
  • Flathead and Phillips screwdriver
  • Ratchet and extension
  • Trim removal tool

Step by Step Instruction on 2014 BMW X1 headlight Assembly Replacement:

  • This guide is for the 2014 BMW X1 headlight assembly replacement. You can use it for other models as a reference, but there will be some differences.
  • Our goal is to remove the front bumper cover to access the headlight housings.
  • Turn the car off, let the engine cool down, and prop up the hood.
  • Undo the 4 Torx 30 screws present at the top of the bumper.
  • The next part is a little tricky as the top bots you have to remove are in the fender well, and you will need a flexible extension to remove them.
  • After that, get underneath the vehicle and remove all the 8mm screws fastening the bumper to the chassis.
  • Move to the fender well and remove to push clips holding the fender liner. Peel the fender liner and undo the last hidden 10mm screw at the top side under the fender. Repeat the process on both sides.
  • Once the screws are off, you can pull the bumper to remove it. You will notice the fog lamp harness once the bumper comes out, so before completely removing the bumper, disconnect the harness.
  • Undo all the bolts securing the headlight assembly and pull it out. Carefully disconnect the harnesses connected to it.
  • Place new headlight assembly in the stock position.
  • Connect the harnesses and close everything to finish the installation.
  • Your new headlights will be ready to use at the end of this process.

The complete process will take not more than 30 minutes.

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