Audi S5 Headlight Bulb Size

Audi S5 Headlight Bulb Size


S5 B8/8T (2007–2012)

S5 B8.5/8.5T (2013–2017)

Bulb Replacement

I call love um I’ve gone out his five year to finishing actually sir the GPS boat which a desk jobs discharge ball that was working that one is in these it’s quite simple procedure you need a tweeter a Torx bit which is this unscrew these one two three and four and you get in here one and two and there’s one more just and you need discover once you remove this the headlight you remove this the headlight will slot out I’ll just show you quickly how it’s done go fight and screw this getting that done first and when you remove that you gotta be very careful do you move this you gotta sort of lift it up and help now you’ve got three three screws one two and three…

S5 B9 (2017–present)

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